Nick Burkhardt

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Name: Nicholas "Nick" Burkhardt
Occupation: police officer
Relationships: Reed and Kelly Burkhardt (parents), Marie Kessler (aunt), Walter Kessler (grandfather), Theresa Rubel (third cousin), Adalind Schade (wife), Kelly Schade-Burkhardt (son), Diana Schade-Renard (stepdaughter), Juliette Silverton/Eve (ex-girlfriend)
Fandom: Grimm
Other: Nick at Grimm Wikia
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Nick Burkhardt is the main character in the NBC TV series Grimm.


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Nick Burkhardt has a large following in the Grimm fandom, this may be due to him being the main character throughout the series.


He has probably the largest amount of different pairings in the Grimm fandom, the most popular ones being Nick/Monroe, Nick/Sean, Nick/Juliette, and Nick/Adalind. Nick/Hank, Nick/Rosalee, Nick/Theresa, Nick/Monroe/Sean, Nick/Monroe/Juliette, and Nick/Hank/Juliette also exist. Some crossover pairings have appeared, including Nick/Harry Potter, Nick/Lindsey McDonald (from Angel the Series), Nick/Ruby Lucas (from Once Upon a Time), and Nick/Kupak Kurr (from Defiance).


  • Necessary Sins- It was just an offhand comment but it set them on a path neither could have expected. Season 4 redux. (MidnightJen)
  • Ashes- Out of the ashes of two, a Grimm is born. But between two worlds, his heart is torn. Which life should he choose? For either way, he will lose. Nick whump. Hint of Renard whump. (mmorgan317)
  • Blood Is Skin Deep- Nick's life had already been complicated enough with the revelation that he was from a long line of Grimms but just as he was starting to get a handle on the new life he found himself leading a new case hits his desk. Soon he is digging up secrets that he didn't know COULD exist and he finds himself running from a life that he is terrified of. Darkness is coming to Portland. AU (Purplepidgioncommandbase)
  • Glass on the Ground- After Juliette's and his mother's death Nick's life is in pieces, and the splinters are cutting deep. But sometimes there's a second chance, a chance to build something new from the broken fragments of the past. (Trobadora)

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