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Journal Community
Name: Grimm fic
Date(s): May 17, 2011 - present
Moderator: chosenfire28
Founder: chosenfire28
Type: LJ fanfiction
Fandom: Grimm
Screenshot of the community.

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Grimm fic is a fanfiction LiveJournal community dedicated to Grimm.

As of January 29, 2016, the community has 554 members and is still active.


1. All fic posts should contain a header with title, author, pairing, rating, summary, and any warnings. The heading information can be formatted however you choose but please include this information so potential readers can have an idea of what they are checking out.

2. If you want to post your story straight to the community put the story behind a cut. If you don't know how to do this please find out here. For Work In Progress fics that have five or more previous chapters, the links to these chapters must go behind an LJ cut.

3. No funny formatting. No colorful text, no giant font.

4. Do not plagiarize other peoples' work in any form. If you are found to be doing so, this will result in being banned from this community and your posts will be deleted.

5. No large graphics outside of a cut. If you want to post your story with a banner the banner can't exceed 400px in width. This is to prevent the graphics from breaking users layouts who are viewing the community from their friends list.

6. Tag your posts! Please use the appropriate tags when posting. When you first post you will be given an author tag, please use that anytime you post to the community. If you do not see a certain tag that you think should be there feel free to suggest it.

7. Warn for spoilers. You can do so in the heading information, warn according to season and episode. Do not post blatant spoilers outside of a cut.

8. Promotions of Grimm related communities ARE allowed but they have to be fic related and have mod permission. To ask for permission to promote something please do so at the Page a mod post.

9. Treat others with respect. Do not flame stories, do not harass someone, do not be rude to other members of the community. If you have a problem with another member of a community PLEASE page a mod to handle it.