Don't Tell Anything

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Title: Don't Tell Anything
Creator: tearful_eye
Date: 11 July 2012
Format: digital vid
Length: 2:27 min
Music: Female Robbery by The Neighbourhood
Genre: gen vid
Fandom: Grimm
Footage: season 1
URL: Don't Tell Anything (LiveJournal)
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Don't Tell Anything is a gen vid by tearful_eye. It works as a recruiter vid.

Summary: 'i think i found something'

Recs and Reviews

I never watched Grimm (I might have to start now, though) but I was mesmerized from star to finish. The dream-like, associative editing is to die for - the combination of the drawing and those shapeshifting monster-people crates a deliciously nightmarish feel. I guess that was intentional?! ;)[1]
The feel of this vid is just awesome. Dark and scary, but it's all of our guys. Great contrast between Nick and the creatures, good choice of music. Uhm, I love your timing and scene cut and okay, I just love the whole vid:-) It kinda reminded me of Supernatural fandom, but then it was all Grimm:-)[2]
I've had this vid up in a tab for about six days straight now, on intermittent replay, so I thought it was about time I tell you how awesome it is. It's just. Yeah. I love it. It distills Grimm to everything that makes it such a fun and intriguing show to watch, and besides focusing on Nick, who is wonderful, it also has a healthy dose of my faves Juliette, Adalind and Renard. It's made me fall in love with the show all over again. Now I'm rewatching season one. Would you look at what your vid hath wrought! It has very effectively conveyed the show's sense of dark, fantastical feral... ness. [...] It's very creepy and savage and gorgeous. [...] If I ever want to get someone into Grimm, this is where I will start.[3]
Oooh, excellent! The introduction is so striking, it just draws you right in. The movement, how each image connects to the next. I love Renard and Adalind sneaking in around the edges too. ...and Nick isn't as badass as his aunt yet, but maybe he'll get there.[4]


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