The Big Reveal

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Title: The Big Reveal
Author(s): Anonymous
Date(s): 06 December 2010 - 15 January 2011 (KMM)
09 August 2011 (AO3 repost)
Length: 89,907 words
Genre: gen
Fandom: Merlin
External Links: The Big Reveal (AO3)
The Big Reveal (KMM)
The Big Reveal (KMM mod journal)

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The Big Reveal is a Merlin gen story by Anonymous. It's a Merlin RPF crossover with the fictional universe.

Summary: "Bradley and Colin swap places with Merlin and Arthur. Fill of this kinkme_merlin prompt: "Arthur/Merlin, Bradley/Colin. Friendship stuff only, no slash if possible. Something magical happens, and the two pairs of boys get dimension-swapped. IE, Merlin and Arthur are here, trying to act in the series, and Bradley and Colin are stuck in Camelot. Others can be involved too...would love to see an Anthony and Uther reality-swap."

This story has been revised and reposted anonymously to AO3 and to the merlinkinkmeme mod journal.[1]

The title refers to the episode Bradley and Colin are filming when they accidentally switch places with their fictional counterparts. In this episode Arthur was supposed to find out about Merlin's magic and he still does, only now Merlin and Arthur have a script and co-stars and Youtube and they have to find a way back. In the meantime Colin finds out that Bradley has magic, never told him, and what's little more than a party trick in our world is quite powerful in a land of myth, and a time of magic. That's rather fortunate as they find themselves in the middle of a quest to save the kingdom which is a dangerous job for a pretend prince and pretend sorcerer.

Recs and Reviews

  • "This ate up 2 days of my life, but it was worth every second. The story starts with Merlin and Arthur in Camelot accidentally switching places with Bradley and Colin in the modern world. Their adjustments to cars and technology is as hilarious as Bradley and Colin trying to avoid seeming too friendly with each other. Secrets are revealed, one expected and one not. The story beautifully captures each pair's struggles in hiding their true identities, and finding a way back to their own time."[2]


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