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RPF Fandom
Name(s): Merlin RPF
Scope/Focus: RPF fandom for the television series Merlin
Date(s): 2008 to Present
See also: Bradley/Colin
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Merlin RPF is the RPF fandom centred around the actors in the television series Merlin, which began airing on the BBC in 2008.


The fandom is mostly about shipping the actors, posting pictures, hunting down specials and everything else that can count as RPF canon. The most popular pairing is Bradley/Colin, the RPF counterpart of the very popular Merlin/Arthur. Other pairings include Angel/Katie, Angel/Bradley, Colin/Katie, and Bradley/Katie. The Children in Need specials have inspired a Pudsey!AU 'verse that can be RPF but often it's about the characters of the show.

The Merlin Slash Awards had categories for Bradley/Colin fanfic, vids, and fanart and especially in Merlin slash fandom it's quite common that people ship both the characters and the actors. Sometimes the actors might even be reincarnations of the characters or the actors discover their feelings for each other because of the subtext between the characters. Sometimes it's the other way around and their real world relationship colors the dynamic between their fictional counterparts.

Fandom Communities

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Notable Fanworks

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