Merlin RPF Big Bang Challenge

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Name: Merlin RPF Big Bang Challenge
Date(s): 2010
Founder: moonilicious
Type: Big Bang challenge
Fandom: Merlin RPF
Associated Community: merlinbb_rpf
screencap of the merlinbb_rpf community
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Merlin RPF Big Bang Challenge was a 2010 Big Bang challenge. It focused on the actors in Merlin fandom because the focus of the previous year's Box of Magic lied with the characters of Merlin and only allowed RPF in the form of crossovers.[1] The minimum story length for the Merlin RPF Big Bang was 20,000 words and posting started on September 7, 2010.


Anything worth doing (is worth overdoing) by slowdead (Bradley/Colin). Word count: 31,000. Art by sandrainthesun.

Summary: Colin's a baker who makes cupcakes by day, and takes care of his pet hedgehog by night (which sounds a lot more exciting than it is. Or scratch that. It doesn't really sound all that exciting, now does it?) Well, that is until he falls in love with a clown (no, really - an actual guy dressed like a clown. A guy called Bradley.) After that Colin basically spends his days thinking about Bradley, and his nights thinking about Bradley some more. It's still not all that exciting; but it's really all the excitement Colin needs.

The Colour Of Cartoon Sunshine by junkshop_disco (Bradley/Colin). Word count: 35k. Art by lkaet.

Summary: As filming for the second series draws to a close, Colin thinks his biggest problem is evading one of Bradley’s goodbye hugs. It isn’t. It’s that he’s about to do something that’s fourteen different kinds of stupid: fall in love.

in a little while… surely you’ll be mine by Mrs Leary (Colin/Richard slash; Bradley+Colin friendship; Bradley/Katie het).

Summary: It is February 2008 and the cast of Merlin are meeting for the first time. Colin and Bradley don’t get along at first, but a connection is finally made once Colin comes out to Bradley. Bradley's feelings of friendship for Colin grow and grow until a hitherto straight Bradley finds himself in love with the man. But in the meantime, Colin – who tends to go for older men, and who appreciates a calmer home life than most young people – has set his sights on Richard, even though Richard is significantly older than his previous serious boyfriend. While Richard can’t help but love Colin, he does all he can to resist, knowing that such a relationship would be next to impossible. Meanwhile, Katie is drawn to Bradley and his good heart, but bides her time as she watches Bradley’s feelings for Colin play out.

Irish Gothic by Mrs Leary (Colin/Bradley). Word count: 23,270.

Summary: The story is set in 1815. Colin Elliot and Captain Bradley Wentworth have been living together for a year now, in a quiet village in Shropshire. Everyone except Bradley’s brother Edward assumes they are two bachelor friends, but they are actually lovers – a relationship that puts them in grave danger, as a conviction for sodomy carries the death penalty. While they are happy together, they are very aware of their fragile safety. Colin is contentedly established as the village schoolteacher. Bradley hasn’t had a posting all year, and is growing restless. At last he receives orders to take command of a new ship. But in Bradley’s absence, Colin is even more vulnerable – particularly when his cousin Aidan (Viscount Dalrymple) arrives, determined that Colin will go to Ireland with him as his companion…

Leatherstrap Wonderpants by (Angel/Katie, Bradley/Colin-ish). Word count: 22K. Art by followthehorse.

Summary: Light Steampunk AU. It's basically about the cast hanging around Pierrefonds during the filming of series 2 & 3, from Emilia Fox's POV. There is no central plot, aside from the progression of relationships on the set, including crossover w/Doctor Who stars.

Man, Rearranged by calliglad (Bradley/Colin). Word count: 20.5k. Art by gwyntastic.

Summary: After 'Merlin', Bradley's career skyrockets. Amidst his growing fame and budding relationship with Colin, he starts having strange dreams and begins to wonder what is real and what isn't.

Something Kind of Wonderful by dreamdustmama (Bradley/Colin). Word Count: 22,300. AU. Art by roguemouse.

Summary: In which Colin has writer's block, Katie is helpful, Bradley makes coffee, Angel is awesome, and along the way something kind of wonderful happens.

the stupidest of ideas (can lead to something brilliant) by han_corrupted (Bradley/Colin). Word count: 30 000+. Art by Emily.

Summary: AU. Working in the theatre was not what Bradley had pictured himself doing. Cue a little play called "Merlin", and the nine months that changed his life. Playing Arthur Pendragon made sense. That Bradley found a new family, and Colin, in the process was just a bonus.

There Was a Plan. Really. by giselleslash (Bradley/Colin). Word count: ~22k. Art by glaringcandle.

Summary: Bradley isn't at all sure of Colin at first so he hatches what he thinks is a brilliant plan to study him. There may even be science-y stuff involved, like research and observation, it's all very clever and well-planned. (And totally not weird and borderline stalkerish, no matter what Katie and Angel say.) That couldn't possibly go wrong. Right?

To think that nothing's wrong is a problem by leviathans_moon (Katie/Colin). Word count: +24k. Art by spikessire.

Summary: He gets her and she gets him, except they somehow don’t get each other. Broken hearts, broken pride and minds dominating over feelings stand between them. Climbing and being pushed over those obstacles takes time and needs some help from their friends.


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