Slash Dragon

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Synonyms: Great Slash Dragon
See also: Great Dragon, Dragons

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Slash Dragon is the fannish name for the Great Dragon in Merlin. The name appears to have been independently invented by just about every slasher who's ever seen the Great Dragon talk about Merlin and Arthur, and their shared destinies, and how they are two sides of the same coin, and how they should spend more time together.

A parodist on livejournal (slash_dragon, who also happens to be a kinkme_merlin mod) sums up the attitude on their profile very well:

King Uther tried to destroy all magic in the land and locked me in a cave in the deepest pits below the castle of Camelot. Here I have remained, waiting for the Once and Future King to have hot sex with Merlin.

One artist created a filk song about the Slash Dragon and called it A rollicking tune about fate, first impressions, and what happens when your main confidant is a giant talking lizard who just might have an agenda of his own.[1]


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