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Song Title: Slash Dragon
Composer: codenamepancake
Date: 07 September 2009
Subject: Merlin
External Links: Slash Dragon (Livejournal)

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Slash Dragon is a filk song by codenamepancake. It is about the Slash Dragon, the fannish interpretation of the Great Dragon in Merlin fandom. The recording of the song is 5:17 min long and available as stream and as download. The lyrics contain spoiler for the first four episodes.

Summary: A rollicking tune about fate, first impressions, and what happens when your main confidant is a giant talking lizard who just might have an agenda of his own.[1]

The song is accompanied by guitar and codenamepancake shared the chords in a comment.[2]


Well my bags have all been packed,
All my clothes and neckerchiefs
I’ve kissed my mum, I’ve fed the cat,
It’s time for me to leave,
I’m off for Camelot
Big city walls,
I’m off for Camelot
The future calls…
But wait now, what is this?
You’ve got to be kidding!
Did I just hear the king say
magic is forbidden?
My greatest asset I must somehow now keep hidden
And it’s clear that I could use some wisdom
Slash dragon, won’t you tell me what’s my destiny
Slash dragon, must you always speak so cryptically
I need some guidance, not a goddamn mystery, slash dragon!
Well I fought with the king’s son,
And then I saved his life,
Now I am his manservant,
Like that’s some kind of prize,
But this is Camelot,
Land of silly hats
Yes this is Camelot,
Where the princes all are prats
And I bet all the girls think
Arthur’s such a charmer
But I’m nostalgic
For the lifestyle of a farmer
Back when my days were filled
By things other than armor,
His stupid, heavy, complicated armor,
That stupid, shiny, gorgeous…armor.
Slash dragon are you sure
Our Arthurs are the same?
Cause yours sounds pretty cool
And mine is pretty lame
I don’t mean “mine” like “mine”
But um, uh, anyway
Slash dragon
So, I drank some poisoned wine
Collapsed into a heap
And Arthur bravely saved my life
While I was asleep
Asleep in Camelot
Where men are more than they seem
Asleep in Camelot
Having interesting dreams…
And I may be wise someday but there’s so much I don’t know
Slash dragon you said that the half can’t hate what makes it whole
Did you mean it how I think you might’ve meant it,
And what should I do if so?
Slash dragon
Slash dragon told me Arthur’s fate is tied with mine,
Slash dragon said that our two futures intertwine
And then he handed me a book of pick-up lines,
Slash dragon


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