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Title: Truthspell
Author(s): vensre
Date(s): 29 December 2009
Length: 4,016 words; 25:09/25:49 min
Genre(s): slash fanfiction
Fandom(s): Merlin
External Links: Truthspell (AO3)
Truthspell (merlinxarthur)
Truthspell (soft n' slow) (podfic)
Truthspell (hard n' fast) (podfic)
Truthspell (AO3 podfic link)
art by tinnny

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Truthspell is a Merlin/Arthur story by vensre (4,016 words). It was written for the kinkme_merlin prompt Arthur/Merlin, one of the boys or both are put under a truth spell and end up spilling their secret kinks, and it and it may fit the prompt Arthur/Merlin, Merlin can hear everything Arthur is thinking as well.

Summary: Arthur gets hit with a truth spell and spills a load of embarrassing personal secrets. As happens.

tinnny created a banner[1] for merlin_ficart challenge #3.[2]

Lunchee podficced the story in two different versions[3], one hard n' fast, the other soft n' slow. When Merlin casts a spell Lunchee uses special sound effects and it's very easy to pick up in both versions what Arthur is saying under the influence of the truth spell vs the narrative of the story because Arthur's confessions have a much faster tempo of speech. Both interpretations are available at the Audiofic Archive.

Reviews and Reactions

Truth serum trope-y goodness. I love Arthur’s stream of consciousness ramblings how it jumped from what was going on in the moment to just some random sex thing he wondered about Merlin. So funny.[4]


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