At Our Best When It's From the Hips

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Title: At Our Best When It's From the Hips
Author(s): derryere
Date(s): 25 November 2009
Length: 12,688 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Merlin
External Links: At Our Best When It's From the Hips (AO3)

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At Our Best When It's From the Hips is a Merlin/Arthur slash story by derryere (12,688 words). It was originally posted anonymously in several parts to kinkme_merlin[1] and later claimed by the author.[2]

The story won the Spring 2010 Merlin Slash Awards in the "Arthur/Merlin Fanfiction" category Best Angst.

Summary: Merlin goes to a brothel to get rid of that virginity thing and runs into Arthur. From there on, it's all madness.

Recs and Reviews

  • "Merlin seeks out a brothel in an unsuccessful attempt at getting some of his sexual frustration out of the way and bumps into Arthur. This results in a lot of awkwardness, careful treading around each other, approaching and backing away and results in some of the most wildly arousing sex I've read in this fandom. Both frantic and tender and oh so satisfying." (rodneyscat, 25 Nov 2009[3])
Spring 2010 Merlin Slash Awards winner in the M/A fanfic category Best Angst.
  • "First of all, this is the most realistic sex scene between Arthur and Merlin that I've read so far. And that simple fact is, simply amazing. Too many authors forget that homosexuality isn't something commonly view in Middle Age and it's been seen as something *really bad*. The fact that you've managed to explain this without actually saying it is really really important and *good*. It makes the flow and the credibility amazing. Then, the characterisation was really awesome *and* the details were absolutely breathtaking!" (gonrie, 23 Dec 2009, AO3 comment)
  • "This may sound odd but that was the most real sex I've ever read that still felt movie-ish :p" (Lor, 09 Dec 2009, AO3 comment)
  • "the stigma of that which must not be named and Arthur's initial surprise and horror turning into lust, which he cannot contain, so that he actually jumps Merlin: possibly the hottest thing ever. I can't express my love for this properly, but if I could, it would involve drawing hearts all over it and composing epic poetry." (kuteki, 29 Nov 2009, AO3 comment)
  • "God, I was totally NOT EXPECTING THIS from this prompt, but as usual when that's the case on the kinkmeme I am SHOCKED AND SURPRISED IN A PLEASANT WAY. They're having totally appropriate, awkward, angsty discussions about identity and sexuality and I am enjoying this GREATLY. [...] *gibbers* Oh god. I-- that's so. NGH. That killed me dead from the CLENCH in my heart. This whole thing is so contained that it's hard to tell where things are coming from or going to, and how it's going to work out, but right at the moment in the end it might be okay (and more sex on the bed) and they found something they were both looking for even with Arthur off pacing (oh god the pacing and the UNTOLD THINGS because it was MERLIN'S POV killed me) and coming back and WRIST PINNING and fantastically hot and layered and angsty and just DEEP porn type stuff GEEZ." (miakun, 25 Nov 2009[4])


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