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Synonyms: anonymous, anon, anon y. mouse
See also: anonymity, anonmeme
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Anonymouse is a term for someone who posts anonymously to a forum, comment thread, zine, challenge, kink meme, or anonmeme.[1][2] Anonymouse is usually one word, but sometimes two, as in "anony mouse" [3] and is sometimes shortened to simply "mouse." The plural, of course, is "anonymice."

The term probably originated on late 1980s BBSs or early 1990s conferencing systems, and it is now commonly used on Fandom Wank where the short-form mouse is readily understood.[4][5]

Coding Mice of the Round Table by Anonymous (2010).[6] Kink meme mods are usually anonymice. This piece of art for the prompt "Kink Me! Merlin coding mice. How would they look as actual mice discussing kinks?" shows the mice at work.


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