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Name: Thamiris
Type: fanwriter, moderator, archivist
Fandoms: Smallville, Harry Potter, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Xena: Warrior Princess
Other: Odysseys and Ecstasy
URL: Thamiris at LiveJournal
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Thamiris was a writer, essayist, and mailing list moderator, especially well-known in Hercules-Xena and Smallville fandoms. She was best known for her enthusiastic, unabashed appreciation for erotica and beautiful men, as well as being an elegant and stylistic writer with a strong leaning toward classic allusions, coupled with an earthy realism.

In a 2000 interview hosted on the Ksmithares archive, Thamiris stated:

" .... history, murder, sex, perversity, psychology. Those five things summarize my interests as both a writer and a reader."[1]

When she was interviewed for the Globe and Mail article If Frodo loved Bilbo... in 2002, Thamiris presented a grown-up face of fandom and talked about about pseudonymity, writing, community, slash, and fanfiction as literature.

Thamiris passed away on April 4, 2007. She was forty-one.

In Xena/Hercules Fandom

[Herc/Xena fandom influence & works here [citation needed]]

Thamiris also hosted the Ksmithares archive. This archive collected stories posted to the Ksmithares mailing list. Thamiris was the creator and moderator of Ksmithares, a mailing list for discussion and stories about characters from the Xena and Hercules universes, as well as characters portrayed by Kevin Smith, best known for his role as Ares on Xena: Warrior Princess. She was also involved with this archive in its later incarnation, the Ksares archive.

A meta essay characteristic of her style was Thamiris' Sexed-Up Grammar Guide, which was simultaneously funny, informative and hot:

Don't use a colon to separate a phrase or dependent clause from an independent clause:

NO: Day after day: the war god kissed you.

YES: Day after day, the war god kissed you.

NO: At the day's end: he pushed you onto the bed and licked your nipples.

YES: At the day's end, he pushed you onto the bed and licked your nipples.

In Smallville Fandom

Thamiris often posted meta analyzing and expanding on Smallville's references to mythology and Greek and Roman classics[2] or from a "mostly tongue-in-cheek" Freudian perspective.[3]

She also posted a lot of extremely popular porn.

[more about her Smallville stories here would be good [citation needed]]

Along with Siobhan, Thamiris became a moderator of ClarkLex after Liviapenn stepped down.


Meta and Essays

Preserving Thamiris' Livejournal

After Thamiris' death, the livejournal community tham_preserved was created as a center for fundraising efforts by her friends, in order to upgrade her livejournal to a permanent account. This would have the effect of always preserving Thamiris' layout and userpics as they were when she was alive. The tham_preserved community also took steps to preserve Thamiris' personal site, Odysseys and Ecstasy, as well as the Ksmithares archive.