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Name: Solanyxe
Type: vidder
Fandoms: Merlin, Star Trek (2009), Spartacus: Blood and Sand
URL: Solanyxe (YouTube channel)
solanyxe (Livejournal)

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Solanyxe is a vidder who is mostly active on YouTube. She has created more than 40 vids, most of them in Merlin fandom. Her vids are characterized by perfect timing and great editing, and she often turns harmless scenes into explicit or suggestive material by using them out of context to create a new narrative, even kissing scenes that didn't happen in canon. When Youtube messed with a lot of her vids (blocking them, disabling sound, etc.), and some of her subscribers asked her to post her vids on Livejournal, she created a Livejournal account and posted her vids to the merlinxarthur community. Many of her vids have won or were nominated for awards in Merlin fandom.

When spoilers for season two indicated that the relationship dynamic between Merlin and Arthur would change, she stopped vidding the show. However, in September 2010 she made another Merlin/Arthur vid, this time an 'Arthur finds out' story vid.

Merlin Fanvids

Some examples are:

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