Stripped to the Bone

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Title: Stripped to the Bone
Creator: Solanyxe
Date: 14 February 2009
Format: digital vid
Length: 3:02 min
Music: Stripped by Shiny Toy Guns
Genre: slash vid
Fandom: Merlin
Footage: S1
URL: Stripped to the Bone (YouTube)
Stripped to the Bone (LiveJournal)
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Stripped to the Bone is a Merlin/Arthur vid by Solanyxe (3:02 min). With good editing anything is possible; Merlin and Arthur on a trip to the woods, toward the discovery of their homosexuality. The vid has been viewed more than 38,000 times (as of August 2010).

Summary: Outside the walls of Camelot, Arthur and Merlin can allow themselves to be stripped to the bone. (There is a reason why Arthur insists on taking a klutz like Merlin on every hunting trip... ;))

Stripped to the Bone won the Spring 2010 Merlin Slash Awards in the category "Best Kink" (Arthur/Merlin Fanvids).


  • "Your videos are by far the best in the fandom. The thing that stands out for me, beyond your stunning sense of timing, video manipulation and song selection are the little, seemingly random shots that you add in, such as the branches moving, that really add a layer of depth to the vid. And, not sure how on earth you did it, but the lighting is GORGEOUS in this. I wish the show was this video." (wyloparavel, YouTube)
  • "I loved how you used Merlin saying "go faster" used from the episode where Merlin is poisoned and made it look like he was saying something during an act with Arthur ;) If you know what I mean." (LivingintheShire, YouTube)
  • "The editing is fantastic [...]. There's no epic or special flashes or fade-ins/outs, it's just REALLY WELL TIMED and well fitting with the music, well synced. And that is what makes the difference between a good video like this, and so many other that are loaded with extra content that does nothing for the quality of the video." (AntisepticNoir, YouTube)
  • "You did such an incredible job with the editing and creating this mysterious, enchanted atmosphere where ths disjointed glimpses of the "intimate" moments really work. I love how you used that disjointedness through the whole vid--one image of Arthur's sweet, serious face up close, flashed just for a sec, during the bit where it seems he will die--it was such a poignant moment/image somehow. This vid really lingers--beautiful work! Thank you so much for it!" (DarkCyradis, YouTube)