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Name: Mike Carden
Also Known As: Santi
Occupation: Musician: guitarist for The Academy Is... (2003-2011)
Medium: Music
Works: TAI discography
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Mike Carden (born 1984) is best known in fandom as a member of Bandom band The Academy Is.... He and William Beckett founded the band, living as roommates.

Carden did not have a large presence on social media, although bandmate Siska ran a short-lived Shit Carden Says Twitter account.

Since the band's break-up in 2011 little is known about him.


As of Sept 27, 2014, there were 367 works tagged 'Mike Carden' on AO3.[1]

Other minor Mike pairings include Mike/Michael Guy Chislett, Mike/Victoria Asher, Mike/Gabe Saporta etc.

Example Fanworks

  • Adsorption by skoosiepants, the original Mike Carden/Kevin Jonas story: “Skippy here’s a virgin,” Carden says, tugging Kevin down into the seat next to him. He’s been doing that all day, pushing him around, like he’s some sort of circus freak or trained dog or something.
  • Playing Guitars by savvygambols, Mike Carden/Chislett gen: Butcher walks in while Brendon’s studying and hisses, “Dude, Mike and the Chiz are playing guitars.”
  • Someone to Grow Old With by rsadelle, Mike Carden/William Beckett: He wanted kids, plural, but Bill and Evie will be enough, will be something he's wanted for longer than he can think about.
  • with a bang by inlovewithnight, Mike Carden/Tom Conrad reunion: Tom didn't expect to run into Mike again. Like, ever.

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