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Name: Adam T. Siska
Also Known As: Siska, Sisky, Sisky Business
Occupation: Musician: bass player for The Academy Is... (2003-2011), Say Anything (2011-2013)
Medium: Music
Works: TAI discography
Official Website(s): Twitter account
Fan Website(s):
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Adam Siska or Sisky is best known in fandom as a member of Bandom band The Academy Is.... He was the youngest member of the band.


As of Sept 27, 2014, the 'Adam Siska' tag had been used 146 times on AO3.[1] However, the hayday of Bandom predates AO3 and it is possible that stories were written that have not been re-posted there.

Sisky appears mainly as a supporting character. When a main character, he appears most often in the Siska/Butcher ship (39 uses).[2] He might also be shipped with various TAI members or bandom characters.

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