Michael Guy Chislett

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Name: Michael Guy Chislett
Also Known As: Chislett, Chiz, Chizzy
Occupation: Musician: guitarist The Academy Is... (2007-2011), various other projects
Medium: Music
Works: TAI discography
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Official Website(s): Twitter account
Fan Website(s):
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Michael Guy Chislett is best known in fandom as a member of Bandom band The Academy Is.... He was introduced to them by producer Butch Walker. He is Australian, married, and a member of mega-church Hillson Church.


Chislett joined the band late and tends to appear in fewer fanworks than his bandmates; even when he does appear, he is rarely a main character or shipped with anyone.

Only 55 AO3 works were tagged with his name as of Sept 27, 2014.[1] Within those, the main pairings are:

However, it is likely that other fics were written featuring him, on Livejournal and other venues, and have not been (re)posted to AO3.

Example Fanworks