So Damn Skippy Christmas Fic Exchange

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Name: So Damn Skippy Christmas Fic Exchange
Date(s): 2009 - 2013
Moderator(s): sparrowsverse
Founder: starflowers & skoosiepants
Type: fanfiction exchange
Fandom: The Academy Is... / Jonas Brothers
Associated Community: So Damn Skippy
URL: sodamnskippy tags:
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The So Damn Skippy Christmas Fic Exchange is an annual gift exchange for Mike Carden/Kevin Jonas fanfiction, hosted by the So Damn Skippy community on LiveJournal. It ran from 2009 to 2013.


2009 Exchange

The first So Damn Skippy Christmas Fic Exchange was announced on December 1, 2009. It was moderated by starflowers and SkoosiePants. Participants were asked to sign up as soon as possible, but sign-ups did not officially close. Final drafts were due December 31, 2009.[1][2]

Twenty-three stories in total were created for the exchange. Because the last three stories were posted late due to a mix-up, fanmixes and fanart were also created for those stores.


Up Against Your Will by akire_yta for kira_snugz
A story about growing up, finding your place, and learning what you truly believe in. And blowing up monsters with homemade grenades. (~30,000 words, PG)
Become Like They Are by akire_yta for kira_snugz
The Jonas Brothers are ghosts. The Academy Is… come to stay in the house they haunt as they prepare for their next album. (~3000 words, PG)
Just Another by tagalongcookies for akire_yta
Mike doesn't like being Kevin's dirty little secret. JONAS AU. (1827 words, PG-13)
tidings of comfort and joy by mywholecry for onigaminanashi
In which Kevin is a sad little elf, and Mike panics and buys way the fuck too much tinsel. (4000 words, PG-13)
And We Can't Stop Singing by mayqueen517 for kiltedmonkey
Prompt: I REALLY like drunk!Kevin. He's hilarious (even moreso than usual). Also smut is very welcome but not COMPULSORY. Cameos by other band members ARE compulsory. At least a couple. (3000 words, NC-17)
A General Teenage Love Thing by akire_yta for mywholecry
Kevin was the good boy. He didn’t secretly join bands, hang with the bad crowd, or have a smoking hot boyfriend. Good boys don’t do things like that. Except when they do. (~4500 words, PG)
Falling In Lakes With Boys by lunarsolar for la_fours
When Mike gets shipped off to 'pray the gay away' camp he thinks that things are going to be boring. Then Kevin, the volunteer, shows up. (1975 words, R)
A Plan by kira_snugz for minacoleta
Prompt: Fluff, sex, cutsey christmas shit. For example, in skoosiepants fic, Mike smiles at kittens. KITTENS!! Presh things like that. A college AU! Starbucks! Tutoring! Holiday related stress! Idk typical fluffy college au shit. Joe and Nick being awesome brothers. Humorous Shenans. (3000+ words, unrated)
In the Lost and Found by starflowers for hector_rashbaum
A story about lost boys who don't know when they've been found. (~13300 words, unrated)
The Story So Far by skoosiepants for starflowers
Take your high school AU and spin it (~12,000 words, PG-13)
Legally Jonas by bergann for allyndra
Zac Efron is the perfect match for Kevin Jonas, it's just fact, which is why it is so surprising when Zac breaks it off their senior year. Kevin refuses to believe it's over just like that though, and decides to win him back – even if it means law school. (Legally Blonde AU) (15,482 words, PG-13)
Are You Curious And Communicative? by kalimai for exmptfromsanity
No summary provided. (~5000 words, PG-13)
I'll Be Your Cryin' Fool by hector_rashbaum for kalimai
Mike learns the value of patience. (1235 words, unrated)
Somehow you see (the wonder in me). by la_fours for skoosiepants
High school/College AU. Mike and Kevin falling in love, Zac Efron being a bad apple, Bill/Joe tomfoolery. (9000 words, PG-13)
Dizzy by allypsis for mayqueen517
“I just wanted to try something different.” (1,901 words, FRAO)
Ruffled Feathers by xsnarkasaurus for lifeinyouryears
There is so much wrong between the pair of them, and all Kevin wants to do is hide. (1613 words, G)
The Twelve Days of Christmas by onigaminanashi for xsnarkasaurus
AU in which The Academy Is... is still a touring rock band, but that the Jonas Brothers own and run a bed and breakfast. 12 ficlets, ~3700 words total, in no order at all, not even chronological. (~3700 words, G to PG-13)
Down The Rabbit Hole… by exmptfromsanity for bergann
Mike falls down the rabbit hole… and ends up in a Disney show? (4,080 words, PG-13)
You’ve Got A Smile That Could Light Up This Whole Town. by minacoleta for smithdidit
Prompt: Pretty much anything with this pairing could make me happy. I've been wanting some juciy love triangle fic involving Zac Efron but it's not necessary ( but jealous and possessive Mike would be AWESOME). I love vampires, mpreg, and faily!Kevin. Also some totally adorable domestic fic would be awesome. And I LOVE Kevin interreacting with bandom. And his brothers being ridiculous. Oh and secretly slutty Kevin is awesome. (3251 words, G)
Like Coffee Loves Cream by allyndra for eleawynn
Kevin's going to ask Mike out. Really, any day now. Coffee shop AU. (4,510 words, PG-13)
Let's Get it On; or Five Places Beyond Their Bed That Mike and Kevin Had Sex (and one place they didn't) by akire_yta for tagalongcookies
Just what it says on the tin. Lots of sex in semi-public places :) (~6000 words, Adult)
Fanmix by akire_yta, fanfic cover by xsnarkasaurus, fanart by liquitexart
Wearing Some Kind of Disguise by starflowers for allypsis
Kevin had always known that high school was going to hurt, he just hadn’t realized it would be so entirely embarrassing. High school au. (11,104 words, PG)
Art by liquitexart, fanmix by skoosiepants
From Days of Yore by saekokato for tagalongcookies
"Breakfast turns into wandering around the grounds together turns into lunch with the rest of the family (littlest Jonas' glares would make Mike bust a gut laughing if Mike wasn't actually behaving himself for once - parental units still do that to him) turns into an elaborate game of hide and seek with portions of Panic, Fall Out Boy and My Chem turns into Kevin pinning Mike against the wall of an empty hallway not too far from the stage." (9200 words, PG-13)
Fanmix by kalimai, fanart (3 pieces) by revelininsanity

2010 Exchange

The 2010 Christmas Fic Exchange was announced on October 21, 2010. It was moderated by starflowers, SkoosiePants, and akire_yta.[3] Unlike the previous year, when submissions were mailed to and posted by the mods, participants were assigned a date to post their story themselves to the community.

A total of 20 stories were created for the 2010 challenge.[4]


Wet Hot American Summer by mayqueen517 for akire_yta
Harry Potter themed AU! Kevin is an Obliviator assigned to clean up after Mike's Auror team. There are shenanigans. (3930 words, PG-15)
Walking Under a Disguise by chalcopyrite for allyndra
Mike just can't figure out what the kid's doing here. (~9800 words, PG-15 to R)
Making Other Plans by skoosiepants for appending_fic
Kevin quits showbiz, gets a divorce, goes to college, starts a band, and gets adopted by crazy people. (7400+ words, PG-13)
Reason For Your Love by xsnarkasaurus for chalcopyrite
Mike has an unusual...talent. (1,001 words, G)
Little Jonas Lost by appending_fic for crashingxxhigh
Kevin's been separated from his family for a long time. Luckily, someone takes an interest. (~4900 words, PG)
A Paradise Built In Hell by crashingxxhigh for exmptfromsanity (friendslocked)
If You Love Me So by mywholecry for xsnarkasaurus
Kid!fic: "We'll get it, and it'll be cute for a day, and then I'll be the one stuck feeding it and cleaning up after it," Kevin says, trying to aim for his mom's scary face and probably falling flat, because Mike just crowds into his space and smiles slow. "Isn't that exactly the same thing you said when I mentioned wanting kids?" he asks. (~1900 words, PG)
From The Tree by allyndra for kalimai
Domestic future!fic. Paulie loves his dads, even when they're lame. (3000 words, FRC)
Boys On The Radio by akire_yta for la_fours
Every Saturday night, every teenager in town tuned into Radio Freedom. Mike’s their biggest fan, and that was before he met their star DJ. Otherwise known as the pirate-radio AU. (21,000 words, PG)
The Not-So-Tragical History of Kevin Jonas by scratches_i_am for lovelyhera
William never claimed that he and Gabe were the best angel and devil team in the world, but he thought they did a pretty damn good job. Angel!William, Devil!Gabe, Kevin Jonas/Mike Carden, Angel!Brendon, Devil!Spencer, badass!Chantal. (6500+ words, PG-13)
Fate: A Do It Yourself Guide by lovelyhera for mayqueen517
Mike keeps running into various Jonas Brothers. What's up with that? (2957 words, PG)
You're On My Wishlist (I've got nothing left to regret) by nuclearxsquid for mywholecry
Prompt: AU, I love AU, especially high school/college/awkward teens in love AUs. I'm also a fan of genderswap and what one of my friends used to call Fluff With A Point (so, like, cuddling with a plot). I love inclusion of characters from both of their fandoms, like Macy/Nicole or Panic! or Greta. (1818 words, unrated)
NUIM, I love you by kalimai for nuclearxsquid
Kevin leaves to study in Ireland for a year. Mike is not best pleased. Sort of. Summaries are not my forte. College!AU (~11,500 words, PG-13)
Everything I've Got, For You by ipreferaviators for saekokato
When Kevin decides to give up the Search to go to college, he expects a good education. He winds up with a whole lot more. (6200 words, PG-13)
Circumstances by exmptfromsanity for scratches_i_am
Kevin has a big, fat crush and a guitar class with Mike. Did I mention Kevin shares a dorm room with one Adam T. Siska… or that Mike happens to live with Bill who basically runs campus? Meanwhile the band is planning a huge surprise for the President’s annual Winter Soiree. (11,754 words, unrated)
Somewhere Between the Lines by starflowers for skoosiepants
"After the Jonas Brothers stopped being the Jonas Brothers and went back to being the plan old Jonas brothers, Joe went to LA to work in movies, Nick went to New York to work on music, and Frankie rebelled and ran off to Chicago. Kevin, though. Kevin just got divorced." (~17,000 words, PG)
Drink The Wild Air by chalcopyrite for starflowers
A grouchy loner of a water elemental is happy enough with his life, until a young air sprite won't leave him alone. (~6500 words, G)
Bulletproof Heart; A Robin Hood AU by starflowers for wayfarersgirl
Kevin Jonas, resident Maid Marian, is the eldest son of an infamous crime lord, and he is quiet, polite, shy, and very obedient. At least, until his sprawling suburban home is burglarized by Mike Carden, resident Robin Hood (sort of). (~20,000 words, PG to R)
You've Got The Love I Need To See Me Through by la_fours for xaritomene
Kevin wants to come out and Mike supports him every step of the way. (2800 words, unrated)
Right Where We're Supposed To Be by mywholecry for xrysomou
The week that all of Kevin’s friends leave to go to college, he turns off the phone and plays eight different games of Monopoly with Nick. (~5300 words, NC-17)

2011 Exchange

The 2011 Christmas Fic Exchange was announced on November 6, 2011. The rules were changed so that gifts could be either 1000-word-minimun stories (as was the requirement the previous years), or a 500-word-minimum stores plus a piece of "bonus content", such as a fanmix, fanart, or a fanfic cover.[5] The exchange was moderated by akire_yta.

Twenty stories were created for the 2011 exchange.[6]


So You'd Save The World by chalcopyrite for akire_yta
An attack on a free concert in Central Park brings superheroes to the rescue! Kevin can be a professional while he's chasing villains, but there's something about that guitarist he wants to know more about. But with so many things he can't say, can he get close? (12,555 words, Teen)
Fossegrim by sheeplikeme for amkave
There are fairytale creatures everyone knows and then there are those you don't. There are also love stories. It's funny how those two sometimes interact. (7300 words, PG-13)
Sleeping Dragons by amkave for chalcopyrite
Prompt: Any combination of: unlikely happenings, fluff and/or angst, self-doubt, love being easy, love being hard, cuddling, endings that are happy or at least getting there. I love very-close-to-canon fics, totally out-there AUs (see also: unlikely happenings), and all the shades in between. My dream fic is something the author was happy to write! (~1500 words, unrated)
All I Want For Christmas Is You by la_fours for exmptfromsanity
Kevin brings Mike home for Christmas and Mike has plans to become part of the family. (5900 words, R)
if my love were an earthly knight by mywholecry for frankie_ann
Mike's trying to piece together everything that happened between his first shot of tequila and his last shot of vodka when he’s knocked straight off his feet by a kid in chain mail. (~2500 words, PG-13)
The Object Lesson by sheeplikeme for gemmi999
Mike is in a rut and has been since TAI broke up, but there's an open bar at this party and that usually makes things better. (1488 words, PG)
Like Tumbled In The Mad River by amkave for kalimai
Between working at the Hard Luck Cafe, and shelving books at Elsewhere, Kevin has to remember one thing. (~1600 words, unrated)
Fools and Kings by akire_yta for la_fours
Final moments until detonation. Start the countdown. (~8000 words, MA)
Waiting To Be Found by growlery for lovelyhera
Mike and Kevin are perfect for each other; they’re one soul in two bodies, two sides of the same coin, etc. etc. Pick your euphemism, they’re soulmates and they’ve been bonded since birth, though they only Found each other recently. It’s a shame, then, that they can’t stand each other. (~5000 words, R-ish)
Christmas Time In The City by sparrowsverse for mayqueen517
Mike has been stalking the cute busker for a few weeks now and still isn’t any closer to talking to him. An encounter almost ruins his chances for ever talking to the guy, but a second chance is given due to unexpected friends. (~5000 words, PG-13)
A New Kind of Family by exmptfromsanity for meowsaystheemo
Mike has this problem where he can’t say no to Kevin, and Kevin really wants kids. Basically, a set of scenes in which Mike and Kevin figure out the dynamics of their relationship and how that changes with the challenge of raising their children. (~3600 words, PG-13)
Rules For Survival by gemmi999 for mywholecry
Mike isn’t a Revival Hopper—never wanted to be. Brendon and Spencer and Ryan are, and he’s heard enough, seen enough, to know that he doesn’t want that life. But then he’s caught stealing at the Jonas Family Revival Extravaganza and everything changes. AU. (~3000 words, PG-13)
No One Mourns The Wicked by lovelyhera for nuclearxsquid
Mike's green, Bill's a diva and Kevin just wants to make Music. Wicked AU/Fusion (book + musical) (~2000 words, G)
Time That's Wasted by starflowers for growlery
Once upon a time, Kevin Jonas, a naive little mermaid on a mostly-water-based planet, fell in love with a pretty and human space colonist. So sure it was Meant to Be, Kevin sold his tail to the nearest surgical professional he could find and was given three days to convince that boy to love him back. Unfortunately, this is not that fairy tale. (~18,000 words, High R)
Honest Way Out by mayqueen517 for starflowers
Mike is one of two Northern vampires at his school. Sometimes, he's pretty sure life hates him. And then he meets Kevin and becomes really sure. (2872 words, R)
Four Cups Of Flour by nuclearxsquid for scratches_i_am (friendslocked)
Why Don't You Just Fall Down From The Sky by kalimai for sheeplikeme
Kevilynn Jonas is a choreographer in New York. This is her story. (4100 words, PG-13)
So Fucking Fluffy by xsnarkasaurus for sparrowsverse
Everybody has a soul-form. Kevin’s is well known, Mike’s...not so much. (1261 words, G)
Tied Like Kites by frankie_ann for xaritomene and xrysomou
evin is a sad little telepath with ugly Christmas sweaters and terrible nightmares. Mike makes it better. Featuring soulbonds, magic/superpowers, schmoop, and a little bit of Gabe being weird and wearing a Santa hat. (19,718 words, M)
The Dread Purple Pirate by gemmi999 for xsnarkasaurus
They’d all had ideas about what they wanted to do when they officially “retired” from the music business—Joe planned to try and make it as a producer; Nick had an entire solo career lined up. Kevin? Kevin bought a pirate ship. And made Mike his first mate. (1558 words, G)

2012 Exchange

The 2012 Christmas Fic Exchange was announced on November 11, 2012. The exchange followed the same format as the previous year, allowing either a 1000+ word fic, or a 500+ word fic plus "bonus content".[7] It was moderated by akire_yta.

A total of eleven stories created for the 2012 exchange.[8]


left me a love worth keeping by growlery for akire_yta
Kevin is a lot of things: a college dropout, the guitarist for a semi-popular band, semi-estranged from his parents. But one thing he is not is dating Mike Carden. [fake bands AU] (4063 words, M)
Fearfully & Wonderfully Made by sullen_hearts for albatrossities
Prompt: trans* feels (pref. FtM), theology, accepting!JoFam, body acceptance, body worship, and if you decide to go the FtM route, oral sex on the trans* person. (1843 words, R)
Finally Find My Way by frankie_ann for chalcopyrite
Kevin goes to visit Joe in small-town Connecticut and meets a boy. Featuring cuddles, vegan restaurants, Hungarian bakeries, guitar battles, and some magic. (8425 words, Teen)
Kiss Me by sullen_hearts for coffeebuddha
Prompt: get togethers, AUs, misunderstandings, pining, secret relationships, coming out (1950 words, PG)
And Everything Nice by chalcopyrite for frankie_ann
At a loose end after his divorce, Kevin learns how to use the oven. But dinner isn't all he cooks up! (11,800 words, PG-13)
Dreaming Of You Is Sweet by akire_yta for gliese581
Mike knows in his bones that no matter where or when they are, he and Kevin are meant for each other. But we will tell those stories so Mike doesn’t have to build a time machine to prove it. (3500 words, PG)
Nipping At Your Nose by sparrowsverse for kalimai
Kevin needs some time away from their family after Sunnydale fell into a crater; she knows that it was the First Evil and tempers flaring that made her family kick her out, but she just needs some 'her' time. She ends up in Chicago for awhile, battling demons and vampires when she meets a hunter, and he tells her he has been looking for her. He needs help killing Jack Frost. (6030 words, PG-13)
Under My Skin by sparrowsverse and akire_yta for growlery
There was a little shop in Chicago. It was small, and had been around for ever, but no-one could ever agree where it was. It definitely was never in the same place twice. They didn't advertise, there was no sign. This was a place you heard about when you needed it most. Mike Carden needed that shop to help him out now. (4773 words, Teen)
Got My Brain In A Daze by kalimai for reena_jenkins
Just a little domestic fluff (539 words, Teen)
Spell It Out by gliese581 for sparrowsverse
Five times Mike didn't have to say "I love you". (1394 words, M)
Probably Not Mermaids by reena_jenkins for sullen_hearts
A not!fic of swimming and community college, growing up and failing to communicate, paparazzi and Awards Ceremony Dinners. (7900 words, PG-13)

2013 Exchange

The 2013 Christmas Fic Exchange was announced on November 1, 2013. The exchange followed the same format as the 2011 and 2012 exchanges. It was moderated by sparrowsverse.[9]

Three stories were created for the 2013 exchange.[10]


Feel the Tide Turn by sparrowsverse for gliese581
”Everyone was connected. Everybody had someone who called to their soul.” (3253 words, Teen)
Sit, Stay by chalcopyrite for sparrowsverse
Never drink anything Gabe Saporta hands you. Mike *knows* this. Or, coping with life when drinking what he handed you left you with some ... lifestyle changes, shall we say. (5298 words, Teen)
I'll Build a House Inside of You by gliese581 for chalcopyrite
Kevin was taking out the trash when he heard it, a low rumble, or more like a growl, coming from behind the garage (3538 words, Teen)


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