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Name(s): World Wrestling Entertainment, WWE
Scope/Focus: Professional Wrestling
Date(s): 1963-
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World Wrestling Entertainment[1], formerly known as the World Wide Wrestling Federation and the World Wrestling Federation, is the world's biggest and most famous Professional Wrestling promotion. The promotion broke away from the National Wrestling Alliance in 1963. It has had several TV series over the past 56 years. Currently, they have WWE RAW and WWE SmackDown Live! on USA Network, NXT and 205 Live online on the WWE Network and WWE Main Event on Hulu. They also produce movies and have other kinds of series on the Network.


Starting in the 1980s with the rise of Hulkamania, WWE had a new, younger audience and reached out to them in ways that had never been seen before in wrestling. These included action figures, ice cream bars, and a Saturday Morning Cartoon (Hulk Hogan's Rock 'N' Wrestling). As the Eighties gave way to the Nineties, the success of The Rock N' Wrestling Connection was followed by years of decline with the wretched New Generation Era with the Kliq's (Shawn Michaels, Diesel Kevin Nash, Razor Ramon Scott Hall, The 1-2-3 Kid Sean Waltman and Hunter Hearst Helmsley Paul Levesque, aka Triple H[note 1]) backstage reign of terror. Hall and Nash left for World Championship Wrestling in May 1996 to launch the New World Order, which led to WCW Monday Nitro defeating WWF RAW in the ratings for 82 weeks. This led to Vince McMahon ripping off Extreme Championship Wrestling to create "WWF Attitude." The Stone Cold Steve Austin-McMahon feud enabled Raw to finally surpass Nitro in the ratings.

Fan Community Nickname

WWE Universe, coined by the promotion itself.

For individual wrestlers, past and present:

  • Adam Bomb= "The Bomb Squad" (coined in-universe by Adam Bomb himself)
  • Daniel Bryan= "The YES Movement"
  • John Cena= "Chain Gang," "CeNation"
  • Christian= "Peeps"
  • "The Funkasaurus" Brodus Clay= The Funkateers
  • Announcer Michael Cole= "The Coleminers"
  • Dude Love= "Love Children"
  • Edge= "Edgeheads"
  • Eddie Guerrero= "Eddicts"
  • Matt Hardy= "Mattitude Followers (MFers)"
  • Hulk Hogan= "Hulkamaniacs"
  • Chris Jericho= "Jerichoholics"
  • Kane= "Screaming Kanenites"
  • Mr. Ken Kennedy= "Kennedicts"
  • Kofi Kingston= "The Boom Squad"
  • The Miz= "Mizfits"
  • Shannon Moore= "Mooreons"
  • John Morrison= "JoMoSapiens"
  • Paige= "RamPaigers"
  • The Rock= "The People"/"The Millions (AND MILLIONS) of the Rock's Fans"
  • Dustin Rhodes = Goldust
  • Zack Ryder= "Broskis"/"The Ryder Revolution
  • Test- "Testicles"[note 2]
  • Eve Torres= "BeliEVErs"
  • The Undertaker= "Creatures of the Night"


Going by AO3, combinations of The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns) are fans' OTP/OT3, with Charlotte/Becky Lynch being the most popular Femslash pairing. Jonathan "Dean Ambrose" Good's real-life marriage to WWE interviewer/commentator Renee Young (maiden name Paquette) has become the top Het pairing for WWE and for professional wrestling in general.

A popular pairing in the 2000s was Shawnter, the ship of Shawn Michaels and Triple H.

Fan Works

Edge/Christian hug by SweetDarkDream
Paparazzi by CapitaineCharisma

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  1. ^ Who is nearing 20 years of his own reign of terror, which sometimes has been called "The Reign of Terra," since he had used the name "Terra Rising" in the independents and WCW.
  2. ^ Coined in-universe by Stacy Keibler, Test's valet/Andrew Martin's real-life girlfriend at the time. It got over as well as you probably thought it did.