Extreme Championship Wrestling

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Name(s): Extreme Championship Wrestling
Abbreviation(s): ECW
Scope/Focus: Professional Wrestling
Date(s): 1992-
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Originally known (1992-1994) as Eastern Championship Wrestling, Extreme Championship Wrestling (1994-2001) was an American Professional Wrestling promotion based in Philadelphia. It was celebrated by its fans for its violent, hardcore style and powerful storylines. It was founded by Tod Gordon and ultimately owned and run by Paul Heyman.

The promotion debuted on syndicated cable in 1993 with Eastern Championship Wrestling, later retitled ECW Hardcore TV, which ran until December 31, 2000. In 1999, they landed a network TV deal with ECW on TNN. Unfortunately, the network stuck the show in the Friday Night Death Slot and only promoted the show while it was on the air. It flopped, with the last episode airing on October 6, 2000, and accelerated ECW's demise in early 2001.


ECW had perhaps the most famous/infamous fanbase in wrestling history, particularly at the ECW Arena. They were called "mutants," "Bleacher Bums" and were considered the hardest fans in wrestling to please.[1]

For a time, ECW had "Fans Bring the Weapons" matches, which were exactly what they sounded like, encouraging fans to bring in any kinds of objects they could find for the wrestlers to use.

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There were a few official couples in canon, either those that came in from outside (Damien Kane and Lady Alexandra, The Sandman and Peaches [Lori Fullington- see Note 4]) or who became a couple during the promotion's run (Tommy Dreamer and Beulah McGillicutty). There isn't much shipping in the ECW stories on AO3. There are eight Femslash stories (Francine with original female characters and one story with Beulah McGillicutty and an Original Female Character, one story with Raven and Stevie Richards, one Raven/The Sandman story, one Cactus Jack (Mick Foley) and Woman story and one with Lance Storm and Dawn Marie

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  1. ^ Philadelphia was the city where they booed Santa Claus!


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