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RPF Fandom
Name(s): Professional Wrestling
Scope/Focus: A long time? Say 1980 onwards, for no particular reason. The TV show RAW premiered in 1993, but popular culture of wrestling pre-dates that.
Date(s): 1980-present
See also: World Wrestling Entertainment, Total-non Stop Action Wrestling, World Championship Wrestling, Extreme Championship Wrestling, Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla
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Professional Wrestling is a relatively large, albeit disorganised, fandom, that straddles the line between RPF, media fandom[1], and shares numerous aspects of its make up with bandom (i.e. attending live shows, enjoying interviews, and attending meet 'n greets more often than fans of other genres might). It also has a devoted vidding element, located primarily on YouTube, and a large fic-writing section, located primarily on LJ and Some older, more established fic-writers have moved to archiving on the Archive of Our Own, as well.[2] A smaller fan-art segment of the fandom can be found on DeviantArt. Many fannish sites were located on Geocities, and have been either lost or hopefully archived by fans/OOCities/documented as a part of the Geocities Rescue Project. One such site that has been archived by fans and documented is Shadows of the Moon.

Companies in wrestling are known as 'feds', and only certain feds are popular in fannish circles, though there are many, many more. World Wrestling Entertainment, as the most popular federation in the world, is the main focus of fannish attention, though Total Non-Stop Action, Extreme Championship Wrestling, and World Championship Wrestling have and do feature in many works. Well-known indie feds like Ring of Honor and Pro Wrestling Guerilla also have a smattering of fanworks. The notorious and well publicised (and fictionalised) sale of WCW and ECW to WWE in 2001 has lead to much cross-continuity between feds, and the usual back-and-forth of talent (especially with the rise of the WWE's practice of 'raiding' the indies for talent, rather than utilising its own developmental feds) has encouraged this. However, canon is at the constant mercy of retcons, swerves, and fanon.

The fandom is characterised by terminology unused in other areas -- Wikipedia gives a good list.

Predominance of Slash over Het

The fandom is hugely dominated by slash fanworks, and het and femmeslash are obscure, more than likely due to the poor treatment of women by the big feds. (The) one big het pairing was Chris Jericho/Stephanie McMahon, a pairing dominated by misogynist taunts on his part.

Influence of Fans

Fanboys & Fangirls -- The Division in the Fandom

Like Star Trek, games, such as Final Fantasy, and other fandoms, Professional Wrestling fandom is sometimes split by gender lines. For example, fanfiction (especially the slash portions), is primarily done by people who generally identify as female, while news reports and scoops seem to be reported by and commented on by a more male-identifying audience. However, as this Fanlore editor will attest, some writers of both will cross the field quite regularly -- the existence of such blogs as Fuck Yeah Wrestling Confessions and WrestleGasm is a testament to that.

Notable Pairings

Notable Works

Notable Sites


It's often agreed among (again, mostly slash) fans that:

  • Ricardo Rodriguez worships the ground Alberto Del Rio walks on, and is happy to give him sexual favours in return for pleasant treatment.[3]
  • CM Punk likes sex a lot, contrary to his legitimate 'straight edge' lifestyle, which dictates no promiscuous sex.
  • He is lately married to Colt Cabana[4], though a small segment of fans like to pair him with John Morrison.
  • Shane McMahon is insecure. Fanworks did depict him somewhat as a rich snot, but his depature from the family company has changed this opinion somewhat.
  • We do not talk about Chris Benoit, or what happened on June 22, 2007. Fanworks made before that date are generally given warnings.
  • Edge/Christian are OTP:
Edge n christian by sweetdarkdream-d40v4yi.png

Wrestling fans, like all other fans, like tropes:

Things that wrestling fanworks do not have much of:

  • Genderswap (only three or so fic exist to this author's knowledge)


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