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Title: WCFL (Wrestling Classics Fantasy League)
Author(s): Many
Date(s): 2001-
Genre: gen
Fandom: Professional Wrestling
External Links: Virtual Wrestling board on wrestlingclassics.com

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The WCFL is a multi-author Professional Wrestling Fanfiction series that is the main focus of the Virtual Wrestling board on wrestlingclassics.com.

It was started on August 31, 2001 and set in 1981 as a rethinking of the last years of the territorial era, before the World Wrestling Federation expanded from its base in the Northeast and went national. Each writer gets to run his (or her) own territory. Writers have come and gone sometimes several times over the 17+ years the WCFL has been in existence.


Promoters are expected to post shows on a weekly basis.

There are different levels for the promoters. There are the Primary Promoters, who make the big decisions regarding World Title changes (WCFL World Heavyweight, WCFL World Tag Team, WCFL World Junior Heavyweight and WCFL World Six-Man Tag Team). There are the Satellite promotions, which is the default for newcomers. Then there are the Super Sats, which are Satellites on the verge of becoming Primaries.

The number of wrestlers/managers/valets/announcers that have been in the WCFL over the past 17+ years is in the thousands.

Plagiarism Controversy

On June 2, 1985, NWA1985Flair (who also used the name BVRF05: Eddie Gilbert Fan and a couple of other names) posted a non-WCFL show titled "World Class Wrestling debut on ESPN" that copied segments from actual WCFL shows word-for-word with only a couple of names being changed.[1]

Reviews and Reactions

Helluva show despite Lawler ruining it for the TV audience with his horrible commentary.

I noticed how many jobs Windham was doing in different territories and I had a hunch he was taking the belt.

He immediately walks into money defenses with Bockwinkel, Flair, Nikita Koloff, and wherever Jesse Barr ends up.

There are interesting matchups that we didn't see in 1985 on the horizon. Windham vs Piper, Windham vs Steamboat, Windham vs Tully Blanchard, Windham vs Magnum, Windham vs the Von Erichs, Windham vs Tito Santana, Windham vs Chris Adams, Windham vs Jim Duggan, Windham vs Brad Rhenigans, Windham vs Hogan, Windham vs Terry Funk, Windham vs Ted DiBiase, and more.

It will make for an interesting year for World title defenses.

The Road Warriors were obvious choices as World tag team champions. It's been great booking by Pack to keep them as interesting in one territory for as long as he did without killing their mystique. If they had actually held a travelling World tag championship in 1985, they would have done as well as Flair did as World singles champ.

I loved the match with Piper-Barr but was sorry to see it happen. 1) I'm a huge Jesse Barr guy and didn't want to see him leave Mid-South. 2) This could have been the feud of the year.

Just a great effort by all the promoters involved.
Another spectacular episode of television, Packer. I'm absolutely floored by the way you so seamlessly tie things together with some of your storytelling methods, man. It's masterful work, to be honest. The definite highlight for me this week belongs to the Drive For Five segment. You knocked that one out of the park & WAY beyond the fences, for sure.

It accomplished SO freaking much. In one clean sweep, you perfectly blended so many shades together to create a very exciting & vibrant scenario. Grappler is exposed as a hypocrite - not once, but twice - by both York & Foley. Nice job with that. You've accurately portrayed this guy as the conniving snake that he is, while giving credibility to the sympathy factor for his bodyguard, the Equalizer.

At the same time, you effectively kept Alexandra York in place as a respectable & credible authority figure. That in itself speaks volumes for your work with her, if you ask me. Likewise, you gave hype & promotion to the upcoming World Tag Title contest by involving both Jack & Abby into the affair. But it didn't stop THERE!

The Equalizer was humiliated & embarrassed. Just as the Grappler was exposed twice this evening, the Equalizer suffered the fate of having his pride wounded on SEVERAL different occasions. He was brought to shame by being made to kneel & basically surrender his title to his employer. That sort of stuff resonates with fans, man. You're really drawing on basic human emotion & tugging at heartstrings with stuff like that. And, in case anyone is wonder, THAT is what sells pro wrestling tickets. At the end of the day, THAT is what it takes.

Furthermore, the Equalizer had to do battle with the violent & vicious Cactus Jack. The Grappler basically winds up "costing" the poor Dave Sullivan his TV Title twice in the same night! Ouch. Double dose of humiliation. But THEN, you further the issue by having Grappler leave the Equalizer to the dogs, as he faces the dreaded FORK OF DOOM for all his troubles!

Christ, man. You really piled it on in that segment. Best of all? It felt totally natural & logical. Yep. Every bit of it. Nothing was forced, contrived, or out of place. All those individuals remained true to their characters. Everyone felt right at home. And, just when you think it's over, the Public Enemy show up - you know, JUST to make sure nobody's forgotten that they're really the core of the issue around here!

Big pair of thumbs up to that whole segment, man. In my eyes, that was easily one of the best portions of television I've ever read on this board. I mean that. Just the way everything flowed & made sense... it freaking fit & clicked in a big way. It takes a truly talented writer to make all that mesh together so effortlessly.


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