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Everyone Is Gay (or EIG) is a term for the slash trope where, literally, all the main characters are gay (and paired up with each other in romantic relationships) by the end of the story.[1]

For instance, in a Sentinel story where Jim/Blair was the main pairing, by the end of the story, Simon/Rafe, Henri/Joel, and Megan/Naomi would also get together.

Fandoms where this trope is the most common

  • Sailor Moon, or at least "all the Senshi are lesbians." Rei/Minako and Ami/Makoto are highly popular pairings, but some authors will pair Rei with Usagi while pushing Mamoru in the path of a speeding truck or into the arms of another male character. Setsuna is paired with whoever is left over.
  • Fire Emblem. The 7th game makes it possible to pair all same-sex friends together, most couples being male-male plus the yuri pairs of Lyn/Florina and Rebecca/Nino. Awakening and Fates even created hacks with gay S supports that still make the future children with this trope in mind.
  • Gundam Wing. The pilots being slashed with each other was the fandom's bread and butter, and those who liked or tolerated Relena paired her with female characters such as Dorothy, Hilde, or Noin.
  • South Park, where all the boys are paired off with each other and the female students are either bashed, ignored, or shipped together as well. Stan/Kyle was the juggernaut for quite some time, with Stan's canon girlfriend being paired with her best friend Bebe.

Pet peeve

'Everyone is gay' is often cited as a pet peeve[2][3] by readers who find it unrealistic or cliche:

I usually hate in stories when everyone and their mother is gay. Like, especially in band fiction. Okay, fine, Frank and Gerard are gay. But Mikey? Now we are pushing it. And Ray and Bob to? Woah, now this is overkill. And then Bert, and Quinn and Jepha, and Pete Wentz, and the guy at the store, and Britney Spears. I usually will stop readng a story if everyone is gay, unless it is woven in the story where it is believable.[4]

As such, it is generally not a term writers use to label their own stories, nor is it usually a formal category or a search term on fanfiction archives. However, EIG stories obviously have an appeal for many writers and readers, for varying reasons.[5] In anime or manga fandoms, ensemble casts which lean heavily towards one gender can lend themselves well to this trope.[6]


Occasionally het stories fall into the same pattern of matching everyone up into OTPs in the fashion of Harlequin romances and other mundane romance novels. This trope in fannish het doesn't have its own name, although one fan describing it suggested 'Straightlandia'.[7] In Harry Potter fandom, these types of stories are often built on the One Big Happy Weasley Family trope, starting with the canon pairings of Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione and proceeding until all Weasleys are happily paired off, generally in heterosexual pairings. Another example is Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney author JordanPhoenix, whose stories make sure every character has an opposite-sex love interest from the "obvious" couples like Phoenix/Maya to the completely random such as Simon/Adrian.

These stories are generally not perceived as stretching plausibility as far as 'everyone is gay' stories do, although the end result-- every single member of an ensemble show being matched up with another member of the cast[8] can still be quite unrealistic, depending on the fandom's setting.


  • The Mandy Thing, a High School Musical fic by bribitribbit. (pairings: Ryan/Chad, Kelsi/Martha.) Sorry to say, I love the EVERYONE IS GAY cliche. :( I know a lot of people hate it but, you know what, it's not like anything else at East High is plausible.[10]
  • In This Very Ring, a Professional Wrestling fic by Penumbren. The author commented: I'm almost disappointed that ITVR isn't in there under the "Everyone is Gay" trope. *snort* (Like I said in my post a few days ago -- I love that story, but it makes me giggle and cringe... a LOT... reading it now.[11]


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