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Name: schemingreader
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Aubrey-Maturin, Vorkosigan Saga, Mary Renault, others
Communities: Moonshadow, Walking the Plank, maryrenaultfics, The Gunroom
URL: schemingreader at LiveJournal (deleted)
schemingreader at Dreamwidth
schemingreader at AO3
schemingreader at Skyehawke
Schemingreader at Walking the Plank
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schemingreader is a fan writer who has written stories in Harry Potter and other fandoms.

She was involved in online fandom before 2003 through the Patrick O'Brian mailing list The Gunroom, but she didn't get involved with fanfiction until Harry Potter, with the publication of Half-Blood Prince in 2005.[1]

schemingreader's LiveJournal was deleted sometime after 2014. Its contents are still online via its Dreamwidth mirror.

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  1. ^ schemingreader. My old buddies from write fan fic!, posted 05 December 2005 originally on LiveJournal.