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Name: Walking The Plank, WTP
Archivist: Tradescant, Alicia Masters, Shadowess, and Ketsurui
Founder: Aspen, Telanu
Type: Snape/Harry slash fanfic and fanart
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: http://www.walkingtheplank.org/
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Walking The Plank is a fanfic and fanart archive for the pairing of Harry/Snape.


Once upon a time, in the dark and treacherous seas of the early Harry Potter fandom, there were few writers brave enough to venture onto the ship of Snape/Harry. Each wrote in obscurity, wondering if she were the only one to see the glory in the pairing, and each waited patiently for the day when her OTP would be recognized for the force of nature we all know it to be today.

And then Telanu began her immensely popular Tea Series, Harry Potter and the Sorceror's [sic] Stone hit the theatres, and Luthien and Tboy launched the Severus Snape Fuh-Q Fest, not necessarily in that order but in a kind of free-floating press-gang unit, and things were never the same again. With Yahoo mailing lists springing up and dozens of new S/H stories to fuel a fan's burgeoning addiction, the ranks of the faithful grew. But new stories or no, new fans or no, to love S/H in those days was to harbor a bit of an embarrassing secret. And so when Aspen and Telanu in a fit of we-don't-know-what-we're-getting-into decided to design and launch an archive site for the aformentioned [sic] faithful ranks, they as a group dubbed themselves Walking the Plank--in the world of ships, the one most likely to be used as shark-bait.

The archive--longtime fans will remember the controversial red-and-white-on-black color scheme--started off small, and grew slowly at first, but with the stories from the Fuh-Q Fest (and later fests as well) released for archiving and more and more writers joining ranks, Tradescant joined Telanu and Aspen to help archive the flood of new fics, and stayed on as first Aspen and then Telanu retired. Tradescant herself retired a few months later, and the archive stood unupdated for a while, and then eventually disappeared quietly from the Internet, to be replaced by the much larger and more heavily trafficked Detention. (And there were always multifandom archives for fans to satisfy their S/H cravings, as well.) But it wasn't until Detention was pulled off the Internet that Snapetoy contacted Tradescant about reopening WTP and the new, supercharged archive you see before you today was conceived and launched, with the help of many able hands.

The H/S ship reached unprecedented popularity through the Detention archive, and under Snapetoy's captaincy, Walking the Plank, far from being the streamlined little sloop it was back in the days of furtive H/S appreciation, has become a worthy successor to both the original WTP and Detention: a fully-equipped and tightly-run ship of the line, a veritable man-o-war. May it sail the open fandom seas for many years.

14 February 2006[1]


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