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Name: Snape Slash Fleet (SSF)
Owner/Maintainer: various
Dates: October 2001 –
Type: fanfiction archives
Fandom: Harry Potter
  • (c. 2002)
  • (c. 2002)
  • (c. 2003-2005)
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    The Snape Slash Fleet was an association of Harry Potter fanfiction archives for different slash pairings involving the character Severus Snape.

    It was proposed by JayKay on the Snapeslash mailing list around October 2001.[1][2][3] The Fleet's webring was started on October 16, 2001. The SSF-Update Yahoo! group was founded on November 7, 2001.

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    1. ^ Overview at Snupin Central states: "Although it's difficult, probably impossible, to track down an exact date since the list where all the initial posts were made has been deleted, the Snape Slash Fleet was conceived and created in October, 2001, and the original Moonshadow archive was created and maintained by McKay." (Last updated 07 August 2009.)
    2. ^ Snape Slash Fleet at Fan History Wiki states "In October 2001, JayKay proposed the idea for the Snape Slash Fleet on the snapeslash mailing list." (archived 17 October 2015 by the Wayback Machine). It cites a comment by white_serpent at fanthropology (post now deleted, 2007 or before).
    3. ^ The Fandom Wank Wiki reports that JayKay initially suggested a Snape archive "around August/September 2001" (see Snape Slash Fleet vs. Fiction Alley Park, archived 14 November 2011 by the Wayback Machine). JayKay writes on Snupin Central: "On September 14, 2001, I posted my first story [...] It wasn't long after that I helped form the Snape Slash Fleet" (McKay, last updated 29 March 2009).
    4. ^ One last comment... by ymfaery, 15 April 2003, comment on post at rpgforum.