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Pairing: Severus Snape/Rubeus Hagrid
Alternative name(s): Hagrid/Snape, Severus/Hagrid,
SS/RH, Snagrid
Gender category: m/m slash
Fandom: Harry Potter
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: rare
Archives: Sweet and Sour (via Wayback Machine)
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Snape/Hagrid is a pairing in the Harry Potter fandom between Severus Snape and Rubeus Hagrid. It is relatively rare in fandom as a whole (though it's the dominant pairing for Hagrid), but has a small but devoted community.

A few authors active in the pairing include Amanuensis, Bernice, Beth H, Delphi, Greensage, Heather Sparrows, Mac, PiraticalNonsense, Predatrix, Ravenkiss, Switchknife and Sylvadin.


The first stories in the pairing appeared in late 2001 and early 2002. A Yahoo! Groups mailing list for the pairing, Snape_Hagrid, was founded by Bernice in January 2002, and her Sweet and Sour slash archive followed. The original group had over 300 members when it was deleted in February 2005; the Hagrid_Snape Yahoogroup & hagrid_snape LiveJournal were born from its ashes.[1]

Opinion & Fanon

Beth H explains the pairing: if you're thinking to yourself that this is an unlikely pairing, just think about Snape's personality for a moment, and then remember that Hagrid likes nasty, snarling, dangerous creatures.[2] Hagrid often gets to display his nurturing side.

It can be harder to understand Snape's involvement, given his canonical disdain for Hagrid. Cordelia_v writes One reason I could imagine for writing this pairing (which puzzled me, initially) was the challenge of getting someone who is as educated----and perhaps as painfully self-made----as Snape to fall for the one of the least educated canon characters. She goes on to point out that Snape in fanfiction for this pairing tends to be at the less attractive end of the Snape spectrum (he is not a Slytherin Sex God, when he's sleeping with Hagrid) and posits that there's an element of Hobson's choice ... to persuade us that he has few options other than Hagrid.[3] (A similar effect operates for Snape/Filch.) Sometimes Snape is written as a virgin, or desperate for physical contact. Hagrid sometimes gets a bit of a intellectual makeover to make him closer to Snape's equal.

As with other Hagrid pairings, there's often an element of size kink involved, and Hagrid's almost uniformly portrayed as proportionately endowed -- indeed more than one story's entitled "Size Queen". Snape's expertise in (temporary) shrinking potions or spells is sometimes employed.

Example Fanworks

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  • The Care of Magical Creatures by Bernice. Early influential example from the doyenne of the pairing, possibly the earliest (2001)
  • Home Brew by Lynda/TBoy. Claims to be the earliest example of the pairing, but appears to just post-date Bernice's story (2002)
  • Size Queen by Predatrix. Virgin-Snape; size kink. Another early influential example (2002)
  • Re-Discovery by Beth H. Post-war setting, outsider PoV. Recommended by Cordelia_v as a good introduction to the pairing[3] (2003)
  • Yule by Delphi. Set during the Yule ball in Goblet of Fire. Beth H writes a glimpse at a brief moment of warmth for two lonely men in a bitterly cold season. The story is haunting, rich, and beautifully written[4] (2004)

Fan Art

Archives, Communities & Recs


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