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Name: Predatrix
Type: author, zine publisher
Fandoms: Blake's 7, Eroica, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Star Trek: TNG, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
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Predatrix began writing Blake's 7 slash fan fiction in the late 1990s. Her B7 writing is predominantly in the Blake/Avon pairing, and is usually relatively cheerful porn, although she has written some angstier stories. She occasionally co-writes in this fandom with Helen Patrick, who published the Pred-only zines The Endless Farce 1 and 2. Predatrix published another single-author zine of her own fic: Erogenous Zine. Her B7 work has also featured in the following zines: Fire and Ice, Forbidden Star and Tales from Space City. She was an active member of Freedom City, and wrote several reviews of mostly slashy fanzines that were posted on[1] and maintained her own page: Predatrix's Recs and Rants Page (which also discussed other fandoms). Despite joining the B7 fandom towards the end of the zine age/the beginning of the internet age, relatively little of her B7 fic is archived online.

Executrix describes her Blake's 7 output in Crack Van:

Predatrix accurately describes her work as “sex comedy,” and while I’m not sure if one can identify any B7 writer as the flat-out filthiest, Predatrix is certainly in the race. Most of her B7 work is in paperzines, rather than online; her zine work include some powerful and psychologically, errrm, penetrating stories.[2]

In a review of Erogenous Zine, Ika said:

I don't know if they're still like this, but the last time I went into an Anne Summers shop I was slightly confused, because when you go through the curtain into the "adult" bit you're confronted by bondage gear (rubber full-face masks with integral ball-gags, leg-spreaders, nipple clamps) *and* hilarious novelty items like "boob pasta" and seaside postcards. I hope Pred won't be offended when I say this zine felt a bit like that, managing to combine absolute filth with jovial dirty-mindedness. As ever, too, it's a showcase for Pred's unique ability to keep Avon and Blake in character while writing happy, sexy, *fun* porn.[3]

Predatrix has also written slash in several other fandoms. Her Star Trek: TNG story Locker Content won a Golden Orgasm Award.[1]. She was also highly active in Harry Potter in the early 2000s, writing fic mainly focused on Severus Snape. After a brief flirtation with Doctor/Master fandom and Sherlock, she moved to Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell in 2015, where she has written many fics, some of which were inspired by the kink meme. Her primary interest in this fandom is Gilbert Norrell (paired either with Childermass or Strange).

She has won numerous awards for her fan fiction and poetry, including the FanQ Award and the Stiffie Awards.

She describes her own work:

I seem to have a thing for characters who are flawed/plain/undeserving, make a show of all their worst characteristics while barely permitting their better natures to peep shyly from the undergrowth (and someone puts up with them anyway). I like characters with a slightly academic turn of mind, possibly somewhere on the autism spectrum. I also have a massive kink-button for characters who are ostensibly prim ending up dishevelled, sluttish and insatiable.[4]

Example Fanworks

Blake's 7

All Blake/Avon unless otherwise indicated.

  • Automatic Reactions. Aralias and Elviaprose commented: "An aphrodisiac story that takes full advantage of the comedic potential inherent in the trope but still takes the characters themselves seriously. Great dialogue. The prose is sensual but not purple."[5]
  • Plenty Of Cock & A Fair Bit Of Bull (co-written with "Another Lady"). Executrix comments: "the story perfectly encapsulates the dynamic of insane competition between Blake and Avon, with much attention devoted to a Flight Deck j/o contest."[6]
  • Living Doll. grumpoldusenaut calls it "funny flat-out filth".[7]
  • ‘Eight Inches to Man-Size.’ Ika praises it for "the angst, the wonderfully plotted story which depends on Avon's self-delusion and horrible miscommunication between Blake and Avon (themes dear to my heart), and some lovely Furious Blake moments." SallyMN picks up similar themes.
  • 'Silver Tongued Orator', with Julia Stamford. Aralias commented: By this point I expect a fic by these authors to a) be light and fun and b) probably involve some sort of BDSM. This one doesn't actually involve BDSM, but it is both light and fun.[8]

Harry Potter

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell