Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

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Name: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
Abbreviation(s): JSMN
Creator: Susanna Clarke (novel)
Peter Harness (tv series)
Date(s): 2004 (novel)
2015 (tv series)
Medium: novel
tv series
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
External Links: TV series at IMDB, at Wikipedia
Book at Wikipedia
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Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell is a novel by Susanna Clarke, which was adapted by the BBC in 2015.


In an England where magic once existed, Mr Norrell finds himself impeding other amateur magicians, who he believes, don't truly understand the dangers of magic. A magician himself, he is uncomfortable with his unexpected rise in London society, and continues to guard his knowledge selfishly. He disparages other magicians, including Jonathan Strange. The two characters clash over their style of magic and their opinions on the legendary Raven King, John Uskglass. Despite Mr. Norrell's determination to make magic respectable, his own reckless actions have opened England to the dangers of Faerie.


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Many fanfiction works imitate the distinctive style of writing that Susanna Clarke uses, based on Regency literature.

Pairings include John Childermass/John Segundus, John Childermass/Gilbert Norrell, Arabella Strange/Jonathan Strange, Gilbert Norrell/Jonathan Strange, John Childermass/Jonathan Strange, Emma Pole/Arabella Strange, and Stephen Black/The Gentleman With The Thistledown Hair.

Some fics are set post-canon in a world where magic has returned and the Faerie roads have been restored.


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