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Name: Dodificus
Type: podficcer, podcaster, reccer, community mod
Fandoms: Teen Wolf, Supernatural, Stargate Atlantis
Communities: podfic fandom, auralphonic, welovepodfic
URL: on AO3
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Dodificus is a multifannish podficcer known for her podfic in the fandoms Teen Wolf, Supernatural, Stargate Atlantis, and more. She is able to produce long, quality podfics and often chooses stories with sexual and/or dark themes.

She is also one of the hosts of Auralphonic, a podcast about podfic, the creator and moderator of the podfic feeback comm welovepodfic, and has extensive recs on her journal.

Notable works

You always read brilliantly and this one has so much ridiculousness and sexy and a Derek with FEELINGS which is something I feel you do really really well[2]

The steadiness of the pacing allows the tension to build and flow so that you're just inexorably drawn in. Dodificus somehow manages to keep the intensity and intimacy going strong throughout the more than 11 hours of performance and it is an marvelous experience. It's glorious, hot, full of feelings, and beautiful.[4]

I have fairly limited experience with multi voice podfics, but I really loved this variation to traditional podfic. This is the first one I have listened to in which each character had a separate reader and I really enjoyed the dimensionality that it added. Great job done by everyone involved![6]

  • Not Proper (Chinese Boxes Remix), a Peter Pan George Darling/James Hook podfic, of a fic by Penknife.[7]
I'm always charmed by Dodie's works and this is an especial favourite. I love the whimsy and the wistful of it and everything in between.[8]