Jeeves Has A Theory

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Title: Jeeves Has A Theory
Podfic Artist(s): dodificus
Cover Artist: cybel
Date(s): April 9, 2008
Length: 0:27:16
File: 29.5MB mp3; 12.4MB m4b
Based On: Jeeves Has A Theory
Author: kalimyre
Fandom: Jeeves & Wooster
External Links: mp3 mp3 and m4b
Jeeves Has A Theory Podfic Cover by cybel.jpg

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Jeeves Has A Theory is a Reginald Jeeves/Bertie Wooster podfic by dodificus (0:27:16).

Summary: In which Jeeves is surprised, Bertie hides in a closet, and there are far too many scenes involving ties.

It was posted as part of the 2008 amplificathon challenge. dodificus also posted bloopers[1] to go along with the podfic.

Recs and Reviews

  • "Good story, good delivery, perfect comic timing, and so very Wodehouse!"[2]


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