Sweet and Sour

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Name: Sweet and Sour
Date(s): 2002 or 2003[1] – February 2011
Archivist: Bernice (iibnf)
Founder: Bernice (iibnf)
Type: Snape/Hagrid fanfiction
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: www.sweetandsour.netfirms.com (archived link)
Sweet & Sour Home, archived by the Wayback Machine on September 30, 2009.
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Sweet and Sour was a Harry Potter fanfiction archive for the Snape/Hagrid pairing. It was started out of the Snape_Hagrid (later Hagrid_Snape) mailing list, and was part of the Snape Slash Fleet.[2]

The site went offline on February 28, 2011, when Netfirms discontinued their free accounts. In November 2011, Bernice posted to the hagrid_snape community in search of a new webmaster willing to recreate the site. She reported in 2013 that she had sent the files to someone who said they would restart the site, but it was never put back online.[3]


The following authors had stories archived on the site:

Amanuensis1Anne-LiArionrhodBerniceBeth HBlue MoonyBrodie (removed July 2006) • Chaos_RoseCursiveCybel_SanDelphiDemented SirenDragonessDrake of DrossGMTHGreensageHeather SparrowsHobbit HuggyHonestyIsisIsolde9JoAnneksevfansdLizardLyndaMacMailroomyManicMathildaMathildaMeatballMillefioriMisted OracleMogsMonkey ShineMopsy GirlMuffytajNtamaraOdogoddessOlympiaOut TherePredatrixPlausiveRavenkissRedleadpaintRenSassyinkpen & Tarotgodess108SeekerSenjySkyeSnape's NightieSnapetoySoawenSRichardSummer DaySwitchknifeSylvadinVenivincereWalter O'Dim

The archive also linked to Snape/Hagrid stories hosted on other sites. All but one of both Bernice's and Mac's stories were hosted off-site. The site also linked to stories by Althea, Cobalt Blue Kitty, and Nym.


  1. First archived by the Wayback Machine on 03 February 2003. Snape_Hagrid was founded on 06 January 2002.
  2. Sweet and Sour was not part of the Snape Slash Fleet when it was first founded; Snape/Hagrid stories were posted to Slug and Jigger's Apothecary, the Snape rareslash archive. Sweet and Sour joined the fleet in 2006 or before (see the first Sweet and Sour archive update at ssf_updates, 28 February 2006).
  3. Snape/Hagrid site, posted by iibnf at hagrid_snape. 25 November 2011. (Accessed 04 November 2014.)