Thin Line

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Name: Thin Line
Date(s): 2001 – 2011
Archivist: Titti
Founder: 'Lives (dbzlives)[1]
Type: Snape/Black fanfiction & fanart
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: (2001-2002) (2002-2003) (c. 2003-2011)

Thin Line Archive AO3 Collection

Snape Slash Fleet banner for the archive, reading "Shanghaied by Snape/Black"
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Thin Line was a Harry Potter archive for the Snape/Black pairing. It originally only accepted Snape/Sirius stories, but in January 2006 began accepting fanworks pairing Severus Snape with any male member of the Black Family, such as Snape/Regulus.[2]

Thin Line was part of the Snape Slash Fleet.

The site was hosted at, then moved to Brinkster in February 2002. In December 2002, the archive moved to Titti's website. It went offline around 2011.[3] Titti wrote in 2012 that although the archive was offline, she had backed it up and no content was lost, and that she would look into finding a new webmaster or importing it to AO3.[4]

Following Sirius's death in Order of the Phoenix, the archive hosted a "Resuscitation Fest" in July 2003.[5]

In March 2021, it was announced that Thin Line would be moving to the Archive of Our Own as an Open Doors Project[6] alongside its sister archive, The Snape/Weasley Archive. The import was completed in June 2022.[7]


As of January 2006, the archive contained 199 stories by 93 authors. 124 of the fics were written after GoF, 72 were written after OotP, and 3 were written after HBP.[8]

The following authors had stories on the archive as of May 2007:[9]

AcamarAcasshaAdrienneAileiAllectoAlshainAmanuensisArachnethe2AtropaAvocadoBaxterBeccaBell WitchBeth HBiting MoopieBlackbludgerBlack WidowCamillaCamilla BloomChris F.CluegirlCravacheCrisisKrisCrystal ClaireDarkwaterdaylight shadowDementerDinaDonna ImmaculataEfaEggbertElendawenEllen FremedonEumenidesFabula RasaFeroxGo SeawardGriffinhikaruIsisJadeJadziaJai MarieJayKayJean TarinJosanJuxian TangKay TaylorKalenaKleioLadyJackylLady Mondegreen Lady FeyleneLindsey GrissomLlamaLothlorienLyntekMadilaynMaeglin YediMagaludMairi NathairaMargiejokMedea NevermoreMerry ContraryMimineMislleissMisoNot Exactly DickensQuite SeriousPandora de RomanusPhantomRallyRatwomanReggibarRochelleRosencrantzSaint FoolSakura MaxwellScarandaSeekerShamenkaSparrowhawkTavalya RaThe Fair OneThe GobletThe Moste PotenteThe Treacle Tart


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