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Name: Becca
Alias(es): aqua_alta, Becca Snape
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Harry Potter
URL: aqua_alta at LiveJournal
aqua_alta at Dreamwidth
aqua_alta at InsaneJournal (deleted)
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Becca, also known as Becca Snape and aqua_alta, is a Harry Potter fanfiction author. She was known for writing slash involving Severus Snape

Her fanfiction was archived at Foe-Glass Reflections, Ex Libris Snape, Moonshadow, The Snape/Weasley Archive, Thin Line, and The Severus Snape Fuh-Q Fest Archive. She also posted stories to mailing lists such as snapeslash.[1]

Fandom History

To commemorate the publication of Deathly Hallows in July 2007, Becca discussed her Harry Potter fandom history in a LiveJournal post titled My Very Own Harry Potter Acknowledgement Post. She wrote in part:

What to do after GoF? Hm, well, I had heard of a concept called "fan fiction" in connection with Star Trek, but I had never read any fanfic nor participated in any (online) fandom before. So - what to do? What would Tyler Durden McGuyver do?

Right - I did a google! If I remember correctly, I typed "Snape" (for it was love at first sight) and "fanfiction" into google, and one of the first things that came up was quebelly's site "THE List of Snape Fics".
quebelly didn't have a lj back then (none of us did), BTW.
Dana, without you and your List, I wouldn't be here, either. So a huge "Thank you" goes to you as well!!! *huuuugs*

Soon I had joined a couple of yahoo groups and started to write Snape slash fic myself. I started out with a brief episode of Snape/Bill (the first part of what would later become my 'series' "Sal Si Puedes", a long and winding Snape/Lupin story).

It was on those yahoo groups that I met some of you [...] Those were magic times, honestly. It was well before lj, yet the communication and conversation and the discussions about fic and canon and much more on SS_RL_slash (or was it called Snape_Lupin_slash?) were truly amazing! An enormous "Thank you!" to you, my ladies! You absolutely rock!!!

The next step in my HP fandom life was Snarry. luthien and tboy - I've told you over and over again how much fun I had taking part in the Severus Snape Fuh-Q Fest in 2002 (in which I wrote both Snape/Lupin and Snape/Harry (and even *gasps* one Snape/Black fic))!!! The Snape Fuh-Q Fest is still my favourite ficathon/fic fest experience ever (other wonderful experiences, of course, notwithstanding, but the first time was simply amazing!).
Thank you so much for the amazing time and the wonderful fest!!!

That, I think, was the time I met others and their stories [...] The wonderful stories of all the other great writers in the HP (and especially in the Snarry - for that is the part of fandom I've been most active in during the last few years) fandom, too many to mention: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!



  1. Author's note for Sal Si Puedes II at Moonshadow: "The parts SSP I 1-3 [...] can be found at 'snapeslash' and other groups..." (Accessed 20 November 2018.)