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Name: Ex Libris Snape (ELS)
Owner/Maintainer: Godless Harlot
Dates: February 2002 or before[1] – November 2003
Type: recs, archive
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: http://www.geocities.com/exlibrissnape/ (Wayback Machine link)
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Ex Libris Snape is a recs site-cum-archive for Harry Potter fanfiction, primarily slash focusing on the character Severus Snape.

Minx recced the site on her FanFiction.Net profile: "Frequent updates, easy to use, and includes other HP stories that strike the archivist's fancy."[2]

The site was last updated in or before June 2003, and Godless Harlot took the site down in November 2003.[3]


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