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Name: Khirsah
Alias(es): khirsahle, redshirtdiary
Type: author
Fandoms: Dragon Age II, Young Avengers, Harry Potter, others
Other: Elysian Fields (author page)
URL: Khirsah on AO3
khirsahle on Tumblr
khirsah on Patreon
redshirtdiary on LiveJournal (previously khirsah)
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Khirsah is a long-time multifandom fanfiction author. As of 2014, she is currently writing very popular Young Avengers and Dragon Age II fanfic.

Fandom History

Khirsah wrote in 2015:

I wrote in many fandoms before YA, DA and Les Mis. Let’s see, here are the fandoms I’ve written for in order:

Star Trek
The Sentinel
Dead Poet’s Society
Sports Night
Due South
Harry Potter
Peter Pan & The Secret Garden dabbling

I guess my biggest fandom before YA/DA/Les Mis was Harry Potter. I wrote a bunch of terrible stories, including Sirius/Remus, Neville/Percy, Seamus/Dean, Seamus/Sirius (there was a reason, I promise), Percy/Oliver, Marcus/Oliver, Lucius/Severus/James which was so fucked up omg…

The fics I was ‘known’ for in Harry Potter (which was the first fandom where people paid attention to me, really) were:

Drawing Down the Moon: Remus and Sirius’ relationship from 1st year onwards. It dealt with some dark shit, like the uncomfortable awakening of a boy years before puberty should have made him aware, thanks to the werewolf bite.

Corpus Delicti: …speaking of dark shit, how about a Lucius who has an obsession with death, a Severus who is willing to lay down and play corpse for him, and a James who can’t consent? This one won some awards, and I still take scalding showers when I think of it.

Unlikely Heroes: This one seemed like a good idea at the time. Neville and Percy’s worlds collide unexpectedly, and OMG the drama.

PS: I don’t recommend reading any of them. I was a very young writer and my style has evolved a lot. It’s PAINFUL to reread those.[1]

Notable Fanworks


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