Teenage Wasteland

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Title: Teenage Wasteland
Author(s): Khirsah
Date(s): 12/2009 - ongoing
Length: 112k so far
Genre(s): romance, get-together
Fandom(s): Young Avengers
External Links: Teenage Wasteland on the AO3

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Teenage Wasteland is a Billy Kaplan/Teddy Altman series by Khirsah. It takes place before canon and assumes that Billy and Teddy met (&fell in love) before they were teammates.

Works in the series:

The series is very popular and often one of the first fanworks recced to newcomers to the fandom.

Recs and Reviews

Oh my god. This fic is a must! Another one that I consider canon. It just fits so well with canon and the characterization is spot on and believable OCs that don’t steal the show but actually give some depth and the UST. Just. Perfect. But it’s unfinished! I’ll die before it gets updated but it so worth the read. Once I started reading it I couldn’t stop.[1]

Oh man oh man oh MAN.This series is the best, seriously! Khirsah is amazing!!! This fic is so beautiful and emotional just go read it.[2]

This? Is the most freaking amazing thing I've read for this fandom. I love that it fits with canon even though it's AU; I love how human Teddy and Billy are in this story (neither are perfect, and both are fragile in teenage-boy ways); I love your OCs (I love that Jamie is so chill, Sam uses polite swears, and Clarence's constant snark); I love that you fleshed out how horrible Greg and Kesler are where canon gave them pretty generic 'these are assholes' personalities; I love your lush descriptions; I love everything about this fic.[3]


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