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Name: Foe-Glass Reflections (FGR)
Owner/Maintainer: Gemma (vigilantgriffin)
Dates: March 2002 – mid/late 2003
Type: fansite, archive
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: offline; previously:
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Foe-Glass Reflections was a fansite and fanfiction archive dedicated to the Harry Potter character Severus Snape.

The site was founded by vigilantgriffin in March 2002.[1] It moved from Angelfire to in July 2002 and was redesigned in December 2002. "Version 2.0" of the site was designed by mcamy.[2][3] went offline by November 2003.[4] The stories were available at the Angelfire site (although the main page directed to through December 2004.[5]

Minx described the site:

"Looks great and is beautifully organized, with stories, images, links, and essays."[6]

Foe-Glass Reflections was part of The Harry Potter Slash Web Ring.

Site Content

Fanfiction Archives

Fanfiction on the site was divided into separate sections for slash, gen, and het. The het archive was actually just a collection of links to fics off-site, and submission requirements for het required a link to the story archived elsewhere. Slash and gen stories were primarily (but not exclusively) hosted locally at Foe-Glass Reflections.

Stories were sorted by author and title, and the slash and het archives were also sorted by pairing. Additionally, the slash archive sorted stories by "Snape", i.e. the characterization of or circumstances surrounding Snape in the story, such as "Afraid!Snape", "Good!Snape", "PWP!Snape", or "Vacationing!Snape".






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