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Name: Avocado
Alias(es): white_serpent
Type: fan writer, moderator
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Slayers
Communities: Fandom Wank
URL: at Archive of Our Own
at FanFiction.Net
at LiveJournal (purged)
at JournalFen (defunct)
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Avocado, also known as white_serpent, is a fan writer and moderator who is also known for documenting the Cassandra Claire Plagiarism Debacle.


Her user page at the Fandom Wank Wiki, where she was a moderator, stated:

"Primarily a member of Slayers fandom, Avocado has spent more than five years on hiatus in Harry Potter fandom. Within Harry Potter fandom, Avocado can claim the dubious honor of being a founder of the Severus Snape/Sirius Black slash pairing, having written the third complete story featuring this pairing (and fourth overall).

She also claims to have originated the use of truth potions in PWPs in this fandom, for which she heartily apologizes."[1]

From your Archive of Our Own profile:

I used to have my fanfiction up on Livejournal (white_serpent), but have deleted the journal. It was also mirrored on Journalfen, but that's been down a couple of years now. My old Slayers fanfiction is still posted on fanfiction.net (under Avocado).

Blanket Statement

Note: I've set things up so comments/etc are not sent to me, and my email is not posted. If you are trying to contact me for permission to translate or podfic one of my fanworks, this isn't necessary. I don't mind translations or podfics at all, as long as you make it clear that I wrote the story, and, when possible, you include a link to the original. (You can credit me as white_serpent or Avocado; either is fine.)


See Avocado's Fanfiction Masterlist

In Harry Potter fandom, she is perhaps best known for her Nor All, That Glisters, Gold series,[2] and the one-shot Not Quite Good Enough to Be Going On With, which won the bronze "Snape slash" award at the 2001 Harry Potter Slash Awards.


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