Hogwarts Library's Harry Potter Slash Awards

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Name: Harry Potter Slash Awards
Date(s): 2001
Frequency: once
Format: vote
Type: slash fanfiction
Associated Community: Hogwarts Library: The Restricted Section
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: Harry Potter Slash Awards
2001 Award Winners
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Hogwarts Library's Harry Potter Slash Awards were fanfiction awards for slash stories in nine categories. It also presented "Shipper Captains" awards to notable fans for two pairings.

The awards were intended to be biannual (every spring and autumn), and it was later announced that they would instead be annual.[1] However, it appears that they were only ever held the once.

Nominations were accepted from June 15, 2001, and voting began July 15, 2001. It is unknown for how long voting was open, or how many nominations were received.

The awards themselves were called Golden, Silver, and Bronze Inks.

Fiction Winners



Ron slash

James slash

Snape slash

Weasley slash

Includes incest and any slash pairing with a Weasley

Multiple pairings

Includes threesomes and stories with a variety of pairings


Rare slash

Shipper Captains Winners




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