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Name: Alex
Alias(es): Al, alexmalfoy, titanic_days
Type: fan writer, moderator
Fandoms: Harry Potter
Communities: Snitch - Draco's Appartment, HP_Paradise, hp4ever, FictionAlley
URL: Al at FanFiction.Net
Al at FictionAlley
titanic_days (formerly alexmalfoy) at LiveJournal
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Al is a Harry Potter fanfiction author and moderator.

He is best known for the Harry/Draco fic Snitch!, which is famously the "Guns" in the H/D ship name "Guns 'n' Handcuffs". He was one of the owners of the HP fic Yahoo! group HP_Paradise and was one of the founders of FictionAlley.

Alex wrote about his early history in fandom at fandom_history in August 2002: Timeline & first posts at HP_FanFiction.