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This article is about Harry Potter's father. For his son, see James Potter II.

Name: James Potter
Occupation: wizard, Order member
Title/Rank: Gryffindor House
Location: Hogwarts (Britain)
Godric's Hollow (Britain)
Status: pureblood; deceased
Relationships: Lily Evans Potter (wife)
Harry Potter (son)
Ginny Weasley (daughter-in-law)
James Sirius Potter (grandson)
Albus Severus Potter (grandson)
Lily Luna Potter (granddaughter)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Other: born 27 March 1960, died 31 October 1981[1]
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James Potter was the father of Harry Potter in the Harry Potter novels.



Most of the fanfiction involving James takes place during his Hogwarts years and focuses on his activities with the other "Marauders," friends Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew. Much is focused on his canonical relationship with Lily Evans (James/Lily), but it is also common to see fic where he is paired with Sirius (James/Sirius), his best friend with whom he is described as "inseparable," or Severus Snape (James/Severus), with whom he was enemies.

In fanworks dealing with Time Travel, he's also been paired up with other characters such as Hermione Granger (James/Hermione).


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