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Name: Rhysenn
Alias(es): iscaris
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Criminal Minds, CSI, CSI NY, Harry Potter, Numb3rs, Prison Break
URL: Rhysenn @ LiveJournal, http://rhysenn.morethanart.org/ (Magical Intrigue)
FictionAlley fic
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Rhysenn is the author of the influential Harry/Draco fan fiction Irresistible Poison and an avid slasher.

During early to mid-2001, Rhysenn was one of the most popular Harry/Draco writers in the Harry Potter fandom. This is evident by the amount of awards Rhysenn won that year for the HP Slash Awards.

Rhysenn was friends with Cassandra Claire and the two shared a Yahoo! mailing list called cassie_and_rhysenn.

Cassandra Claire named one of the characters (Rhysenn Malfoy) in her Draco Trilogy after her.[1]

Her 2000 fanfiction.net intro:

Joined Oct 17, 2000, id: 22460. Author has written 25 stories for Harry Potter, Alias, and Lord of the Rings. I'm predominantly a slash writer, who plays in a variety of fandoms -- Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Alias. Note to readers of my Harry/Draco slash novel, Irresistible Poison -- it hasn't been updated on ff.net. For the rest of the IP chapters or any other fics of mine, please visit my website: Magical Intrigue - Rhysenn" [2]

Rhysenn was a member of FFN-Slashers-Unite.