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Name: Cybele
Alias(es): cybele_san, cybele2013
Type: fan writer, fanartist
Fandoms: Harry Potter
Communities: The SS/HP Prophet
The Potions Master and the Auror
URL: at Archive of Our Own
at Livejournal
at Walking The Plank
stories at Ex Libris Snape
stories at Swish & Flick
stories at Foe-Glass Reflections
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Cybele is a Snape slash fanwriter, very active in the 2000s, with most of her works being focused on pairing Harry/Snape and fewer Snape/Hagrid.

Her Walking The Plank profile has a short description on where to find her current works:

I've been in fandom as an avid Snarry shipper since 2002. The stories archived here were all written between GoF and OotP. All newer stories are archived at Archive of our Own, under the name Cybele2013 [1]

Some Works


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