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Newsletter Community
Name: The SS/HP Prophet
Date(s): Began on 08-13-2005
Moderator: Accioslash and Magic_helmet
Founder: Atrata
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: SS/HP Prophet on LJ, SS/HP Prophet on IJ

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The SS/HP Prophet is an InsaneJournal newsletter dedicated to the Snape/Harry ship, tentatively scheduled to appear on InsaneJournal and the Stag and Doe (link) mailing list on Wednesdays and Sundays. The profile states it announces:

Fic: Both one-shots and WsIP will be accepted. If it's the latter, we'll announce new chapters. We will also link to pre-slash and gen stories, as long as there is a significant focus on the Snape-Harry relationship. These stories will be marked as such, but please understand that what constitutes a 'significant focus' is up to the editor's discretion.

Art: Natural and digital media, photo manipulations, 3D renders. Also icons, banners and wallpapers. Doujinshi and comics. Fanvids.

Essays: Formal and informal essays about Snape and Harry. Discussions, questions and theories.

Recs: LJ posts with at least five Snape/Harry recs. Updates of recs lists or websites. New recs lists or websites that rec lots of Snape/Harry.

Searches: We won't link to very general searches ("I'm looking for Snarry fics"), but we will link to specific ones ("I'm looking for BDSM fics with sub!Snape").

Archives: Snape/Harry-centric archive news and updates.

RPGs: We'll link to new RPGs that will have a Snape/Harry focus. Additionally, if a current RPG develops some Snape/Harry slash, we'll link to that.

Anything else: If it's Snape/Harry-related, we want to know about it.[1]


Founded on livejournal in August 2005, it moved primarily to InsaneJournal in September 2007.[2] A feed allows livejournal readers to continue to follow the newsletter. It is still active as of November 2012.


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