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Name: AIisanne
Alias(es): Ali
Type: fan writer, community moderator, fandom networker, fandom newsletter editor
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Smallville, Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter
Communities: The SS/HP Prophet, Advent Drabbles, Snarry100, Snape100 and others
Other: Alisanne's Slash Friendly Asylum DW, IJ, LJ
URL: AO3 Page
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Alisanne has been a pillar of the Harry/Snape fandom, but is equally known for her Harry/Draco fics. She's been in fandom for a very long time; her LiveJournal dates back to August 2005. While Harry/Snape is her OTP she also writes other m/m, f/m and f/f pairings. Sometimes, she ventures into other fandoms (Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter, Smallville). Born in Jamaica, she lives in the United States where she works as an oncologist.

Professor Severus Snape is the unquestioned centre of her fannish life. In her Like and Dislikes Post, Alisanne wrote: "You should be aware of my world view: In my mind Snape is not dead. No body, no funeral, no portrait, no death. If you do create something for me in which he is (allegedly) dead he'll need to be brought back to life in some way unless that isn't the focus of the story." She is a proud Slytherin.

Alisanne co-moderates several communities on LiveJournal, InsaneJournal and Dreamwidth, among them HP Get Lucky, HP Nextgen Fans and Advent Drabbles. She is one of the editors of The SS/HP Prophet. In her personal journal, she posts a weekly collection of general, fannish and HP-related news, her Weekly Random Post of Random. Alisanne is one of the 21 veteran Drarry writers on Snowgall's List of Drarry Veterans.

The Snarry Suite

Since about 2007, whenever Alisanne attends a Harry Potter Convention, she, Dementor Delta and Lilyseyes have been running the "Snarry Suite", usually in their rooms. Snarry Suites provide "fun food and drinks and lots of Snarry (and other) talk" (quote from Kellychambliss). Alisanne also often co-hosts Snarry panels at Harry Potter Conventions. She and Lilyseyes co-taught a drabble writing class at Lubricus in 2011. Portus (2008), Azkatraz (2009), Leviosa (2016), MISTI-con (2017) and LeakyCon 2018 are just a few of the Harry Potter Conventions Alisanne actively participated in or that she will attend.


Alisanne is an extremely prolific fan writer, mostly known for her drabbles and for writing fluff. She writes weekly drabbles for the drabble communities Snape100 and Snarry100 (which she also co-mods); for Harry100, Neville100 and HP_Nextgen100 she writes drabbles every other week. Since 2007 she's been writing for the Daily Deviant.

As of December 2017, Alisanne has written more than 3230 fics. She regularly participates in Fests and other challenges. Here's a selection of her most well-known fics.



Other Pairings

Writer's Interview

In March 2012, Alisanne was interviewed for the H/D Writers community: Interview with the Writer: Alisanne