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Name: Lubricus
Dates: June 16-19, 2011 & August 16-19, 2012
Frequency: annual
Location: Renton, WA
Type: fancon
Focus: Wizard slash, Harry Potter
Organization: By Fans 4 Fans LLC
Founding Date:
URL: wayback link
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Lubricus was a fan-run convention with a focus on wizarding (Harry Potter) slash. Also known as 'The Con That Shall Not Be Named'.[1]

The committee are akemi42, Emma Grant, Pennswoods, Sam, Tiffany Karp (aka springfrost), Treewishes and Vivid Honey.

Attendance was capped at 120 people. The registration fee was $140. [2]

From the FAQ:
Lubricus is a fan-inspired and fan-run convention focused on providing Harry Potter slash fans with a safe and fun slash-focused environment.

Lubricus is presented by By Fans 4 Fans LLC and the name of our organization indicates our mission: providing a unique convention experience organized by fans for fans. Lubricus will be a fun and slashy weekend…the best parts of a convention without all that other stuff! This event is fan-inspired and as such, fan input is taken very seriously. You get to decide what will be the focus of programming and other weekend activities!

The Lubricus ConCom is made up of real-life slash fans who have found themselves craving more slashy content at the mainstream HP conventions. Therefore, we decided to form By Fans 4 Fans and organize our own con to provide fellow slashers with a weekend chock-full of fun, and of course, slash!

By Fans 4 Fans understands that the Harry Potter fandom is a very large, diverse, and dedicated community. While we respect individual interests, this is a convention for slash fans, and the programming will be slash focused. So if you shudder at the thought of Remus and Sirius getting it on or if a Bellatrix/Tonks romance bothers you, then maybe this con isn’t for you."

It is NOT Part of This Series

See Harry Potter Symposiums.


June 16-19, 2011

2011: Programming

Lubricus 101

ConCom Fri 10 am Potions Introductions, and an overview of what’s on offer at Lubricus!

Top 10 Slash Plots - Can you teach an old dog any new tricks?

Slytherincesss Fri 11 am Charms Yes, we’ve all read them. And again. And again. But we keep going back for more! There comes a point where reading or writing a given plot device is like beating the dead horse, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to breathe fresh air into a favored scenario. Let’s come up with the top 10 (or so) cliched slash plots, discuss their pros and cons, and maybe how to take a different spin on things (while still writing an entirely satisfactory fic for both you and your readers). A lighthearted, fun roundtable! Bring your sense of humor :D


Chaeche Fri 11 am Potions Who do you refuse to slash in HP fandom and why? Do you have any rare pairs you love who others find unslashable? Craft Fair Fri noon to 2 pm Charms Fandom crafters and artists will be selling their wares to other con-goers. Items for sale include postcards, limited edition prints, greeting cards, and t-shirts by foxestacado; fanart jewelry, tea towels, iron-on transfers, t-shirts and bags by pennswoods; art prints, bookmarks, stickers, commissions and drawbles by glockgal; potions and notions from chaeche; sundries from sevensickles; and tickets for baked goods and chocolate frogs for pick-up in the con-suite by samwise_sam.

Slashing Harry Potter

Emma Grant, samwise_sam, and Tiffany Fri 1 pm Potions As the main character of the series, Harry is arguably the most slashed character in fic and art. The Great Ship Debate! He has been paired with just about everyone over the years, but the three most popular characters to slash him with are undoubtedly Draco Malfoy, Severus Snape, and Ron Weasley. In this session, a panel of fans representing each of these ships will talk about their OTP, compare and contrast cliches and tropes, and generally squee about why THEIR pairing is the best one for Harry. (And does he always have to be the bottom??)

Slashing Draco Malfoy

Slytherincesss Fri 2 pm Potions Our Slytherin prince deserves his own panel! How do you slash Draco Malfoy? Do you like him as he is in canon? Or redeemed? A little of both? Is Draco misunderstood or simply two-dimensional? How the hell do you get him with Harry? A discussion about the characterization(s) of Draco Malfoy and how we slash him.

Writer’s Block: The Blank Doc of Death and You

dacro Fri 2 pm Charms A fun and interactive workshop designed to identify several traps that ensnare writers, confront personal stumbling blocks (like procrastination) and offer hope and a workable plan for avoiding writer’s block in the future.

Slashing Severus Snape

Chaeche Fri 3 pm Potions A roundtable discussion about the joy of slashing Snape...who do you like to pair him with and why? Writing Sex in Slash Fic: Questions and Answers

Emma Grant Fri 3 pm Charms

Love to read and/or write explicit m/m or f/f sex scenes?

Have questions about the ins and outs (*snerk*) of writing them? In this roundtable, attendees will anonymously submit their questions about writing sex, and we’ll tackle them as a group. This session will definitely be NSFW, but we’ll have a lot of fun!

Taking Advantage of a Magical Universe...

samwise_sam Fri 4 pm Potions Come discuss why you love or don’t love mpreg, body switches, or other ways fans use magic to mess with Mother Nature. What is it about mpreg that makes so many of us go gaga? Why can’t we be satisfied with keeping boy bits and girl bits separate? Bring some of your favorite examples of how this special bit of magic has worked (and where it hasn’t).

The Art of Writing Drabbles

lilyseyes, Alisanne Fri 4 pm Charms The secrets of drabbling or how to write a story in 100 words - a ‘how to’ workshop.

Fic Tropes: Emasculated Men, Shrewish Women

Slytherincesss Sat 10 am Charms How often do we look for men in fic and find women disguised as men instead? It’s a long tradition in slash to pair the aesthetics and sexuality of men with female character traits, i.e. swooning, professions of undying love, sexual hesitancy, romance not bromance, crying in each others’ arms, etc. And how often do we see vilification of the women in fic, where Hermione Granger, Pansy Parkinson, Astoria Greengrass, or Ginny Weasley are turned into insignificant bitchy shrews who our beloved boys secretly hate! But is there a better way? Can we have the sexual fantasy of male/male, the emotional satisfaction of traditional romantic characterizations, and women in roles we can admire? Or do we love this genre for what it is?

The Art of the Peen

tripperfunster Sat 10 am Potions A look at the male member in art (both fandom, and actual art). How has the way cocks are represented in art changed over the years (centuries) and how has fandom contributed? And a titillating slide show! :D

HP: The Next Generation

treewishes Sat 11 am Potions Ever since we first read The Epilogue, there has been an explosion of interest in fandom about the next generation of witches and wizards to attend Hogwarts. With very little canon material to work with, the NextGen subfandom has created its own canon about the children of Harry, Ginny, Hermione, Ron, and Draco. In this roundtable, we’ll talk about why we like NextGen fic, what CrossGen pairings make us squee, and discuss what makes this branch of fandom so vibrant.


Sat 11 am to 1 pm Charms Decoupage Fun! with samwise_sam Get ready for some decoupage! Bring something to decorate (plain frame, decoupage-specific things that can be found at craft stores, cleaned out altoid tins, etc) and bring some of your favorite HP images (printouts or magazine cutouts). I will provide the other materials and some extras for those who didn’t bring their own.

Harry Potter Dolls and Slash with Anneke

For those who can’t draw, or write, or sew, a new ‘fan media’ is slowly evolving, that of HP themed Dolls. Now you can pose the characters you love and hate however you want in whatever slashy combinations you may want. Take a picture and spread the love. I’ll bring some of my Tonner & BJD dolls and allow people to play with and appreciate the fun which is HP Dolls and Slash. (Please let me know ahead of time which pairings you would like to ‘play’ with).

Make It Sparkle with pennswoods

This workshop will introduce crafty slashers to materials and methods for creating sparkly iron-on or glue-on transfers. The workshop will include materials and sample patterns for up to 20 attendees to create their own sparkly HP or slashy transfer. Workshop attendees are encouraged to bring a t-shirt or bag to adorn with their finished designs.

Repurposed Potter with pennswoods

Ever wondered what to do with spare print-outs of drafts of fic or art, water-stained copies of Fantastic Beasts and the always random and recycle-able cereal box? This workshop will cover simple ways to repurpose these fandom and every-day leftovers into clever or useful crafts. Attendees are encouraged to bring paper products, ribbon and remnants to repurpose into something new by the end of this workshop.

NC17 Slash: Fanfic as a Medium for Social Justice

Fox Estacado Sat 1 pm Potions Compelling, thought-provoking stories can change the way people think, and even lead to social, personal, and behavioral changes and empowerment. In this way, fanfic writers can wield great power. This discussion examines how fanfic can be a medium for social justice, sex and health education, and sexual and gender identity empowerment.

Yaoi vs Slash

Anneke Sat 1 pm Potions A compare and contrast between Slash (US) and Yaoi (Asian) culture and their views on homosexual pairings in fan medias.

Secondary Canon: What tidbits revealed by JKR after the books have now become part of your personal canon?

Romaine Sat 2 pm Potions After HPDH was released, JKR gave many interviews where she gave additional info not found in the books. Many people said it wasn’t canon, but, yet, it can be found in most post HPDH stories. Is Dumbledore gay? Do you wince when you see the name Scorpius Draco Malfoy? What have you decided is canon for you?

“Weeping Cock?” How Purple Is Your Prose?

Good_Witch Sat 2 pm Charms A roundtable to discuss word choice and euphemism when writing smut (check out the Livejournal comm “weeping cock” to see some hilarity...). We’ll brainstorm suggestions for words and discuss what words or phrases people use/should use/shouldn’t use and why. Everyone has different ideas and reasons behind how they read and write, let’s see what we can figure out.

Epilogue? What Epilogue?

Emma Grant Sat 3 pm Potions This is the session for those of us who ripped the Epilogue out of our copy of DH and like to pretend it doesn’t exist. This roundtable is for everyone who reads their flist and thinks, “Scorpius who?” and “James and Lily weren’t siblings!” If you think JKR should have left the fanfic to us, come on over to talk about it!

Finding HP Slash

treewishes Sat 4 pm Charms Where is the HP slash these days? Who is still writing, commenting, and vidding (and who has just started), where are they posting, how are they finding it, is that multimedia thing going anywhere, and what pairings/rarepairs/kinks/etc are hot? Let’s get together and see if we can draw the big picture!

Vids Show/Vidding 101

Chaeche & Anneke Sat 4 pm Charms What’s more fun than watching slashy vids online? Watching them with all your friends at “the convention that shall not be named,” of course! Lubricus will be presenting a special slashy vid show. All vids will be Harry Potter-themed and we guarantee at least 75% slash content. There is no rating requirement for the vid show so watch at your own risk. Vidding 101 will take place before the Vid Show.

Blue Ball

Celebrate a weekend of slashy fun Saturday night at the Blue Ball! The Blue Ball will begin on Saturday, June 18 in the combined Potions and Charms Classrooms at 7:00 PM. The event will end at approximately 1:00 AM. The double entendre is intended to inspire your costume choices — dress in blue from head to toe, or just add a dash of blue to your dress robes, cast a color charm on your hair, or dress as your favorite character in a state of sexual frustration! We will have music, places to sit, drinks (boozy and non-boozy) munchies available. See below for details… Blue Ball Menu •The Cheese (Display) That Shall Not Be Named •Squib Salad (an assortment of tasty fruit) •Sprout’s Delight (something like vegetable crudite) •Malfoy’s Meaty Balls •Voldie’s Flavor Puffs (a bit like spanikopita)

Blue Ball Boozy Beverages

•Elf Made Wine (see bartender for varieties available) •Goblin Ale (see bartender for varieties available) •Assortment of Wizarding Cocktails Blue Ball Non-Boozy Beverages •Assorted sodas •Assorted fruit juices All attendees will receive Blue Ball wristbands and drink tickets with their registration packet. As long as you are wearing your wristband, your convention name tag is optional for this event. The blue drink tickets are redeemable for boozy beverages. The white drink tickets are redeemable for non-boozy beverages. Please feel free to trade tickets, but keep in mind that you must be 21 to booze it up at Lubricus.

The Morning After breakfast

On the last day of Lubricus, we’ll enjoy a buffet-style breakfast with friends old and new as we close out the con. There will also be a raffle so don’t be late! The Morning After Breakfast will be held in Spruce (aka The Common Room) at 11:00 AM on Sunday morning. Brunch and breakfast is included in the registration fee… •Muggle Muffins (freshly baked pastries) •Rock Cakes (bagels with cream cheese and jam) •Hagrid’s Harvest (fresh sliced fruit) •Troll Bogeys (yogurt with granola and seasonal berries) •Scrambled “Doxy” Eggs •Bacon Whoopie •Draco’s Meaty Sausage •Weasley Bangers •Lily’s Well-Hung Hashbrowns (hasbrown casserole) •Fresh juices, coffee, and tea

Art Gallery

Throughout the con, enjoy HP inspired fanart and crafts on display in the Common Room. Art on display includes plenty of slash and ranges from G to NC-17 rated pieces, which will be displayed Beyond the Veil. Many of these pieces are available for bidding during the Silent Auction on Saturday night.

Art Gallery Tour

On Saturday, from 7:00-7:30pm, wizarding patroness of art and architecture Rowena Ravenclaw will be stepping out of her portrait to lead guests on a tour of the Art Gallery before kicking off the Silent Auction.

Silent Auction

Take a break from the Blue Ball to bid on your favorite piece in the Art Gallery. Winning bidders will be able to pay on-site and to collect their art beginning shortly after midnight. All items start at US $10 with minimum bids in increments of US $1. Cash payment preferred with paypal transfers accepted in some cases.

Wizards Hit the Town Wizards and witches interested in exploring a little of downtown Hogsmeade, Seattle can join in an evening pubcrawl of the Broadway neighborhood of Seattle on Friday night.

Goodbye, Lubricus

On Sunday, June 17, the Common Room will be open after breakfast from noon to 2 pm so you can say goodbye to your fellow con-goers. The ConCom will gather at 2 pm for a “Dead Squid Roundtable”, where you can tell us what you loved and suggestions for helping us make future cons even better. The Common Room will close promptly at 3 pm - you don’t have to apparate home, but you can’t stay there.

The Common Room

The Common Room at Lubricus will be the center of con activity for the entire weekend. It’s a large space connected to the con classrooms where you’ll find sofas to hang out on, tables to sit around for impromptu drawing, drabbling, or a game of Wizard Chess, and a bulletin board where you’ll find the day’s schedule, announcements, and notices of other fun activities for the day. The bulletin board will be also a place where you can post announcements of meetups or other activities you want to organize that aren’t in the official schedule. The Art Gallery will be hosted in the Common Room as well, so you can peruse the works presented there to your heart’s content. Con sessions will be posting highlights of their discussions on the walls of the Common Room, so you’ll be able to catch up on what you missed or relive the fun. Bring your knitting, your laptop (which you can recharge at our Rechargio station), or your sketchbook and hang out with your fellow slashers!

The Con Suite

Another fantastic spot to hang out with your fellow slashers is the Con Suite. If you’ve never been to a con before, you may not know what the Con Suite is all about. The Con Suite is a place where attendees can go to get away from all the hoopla in the main convention areas. It’s a calm, mostly quiet spot where you can chill out, regroup, grab some food/drinks and relax for a few minutes. There will be places to sit, good conversation, food, drinks and maybe even a movie playing. Unlike the other con spaces in the hotel, the Con Suite is a place where we can bring in our own food and drinks, so there will likely be a nice assortment of ingredients for brewing your favorite potions. You never know what else you might find in the Con Suite at any moment so try and stop in at some point. It will be open all during the convention (except during the ball) so you will have plenty of opportunity to check it out. [3]}}


August 16-19, 2012


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