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Name: Treewishes
Alias(es): TreeWishes
Type: fanwriter, meta, convention organiser
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Star Trek: Voyager, among others
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Treewishes is a slash fan, best known in the Harry Potter fandom. As a writer, her main fandom is Harry Potter, but she has also written in several rare fandoms for Yuletide and elsewhere.

She is on the convention committee for Lubricus, a Harry Potter slash con. Her bio there reads:

Treewishes started out as a Star-Trek Voyager slasher and dabbled in many other slash fandoms before finding her true calling in Potterslash a few short years ago. She has led discussion panels on meta-aspects of slash (as well as HP slash) at a variety of slash conventions including Escapade and CON.TXT. She’s also led slash panels at The Witching Hour and Prophecy (whenever TPTB let the slash in!), and attended Lumos, Sectus, and Portus. While she is ruthlessly analytical meta-fan most of the time, she has also been known to squee over Ron/Draco schmoop and obsess over wild Snarry AUs.[1]

In Her Own Words

Treewishes was interviewed at Snarry Games in 2008. Some excerpts:

I like fanworks that subvert canon in ways that range from subtle and outrageous, to the point where canon becomes pretty much meaningless. ...

[On her greatest writing strength:] Coming up with creative ways to subvert canon. (Of course, my greatest weakness is in executing them...) ...

[On underwritten kinks/themes:] Romantic non-con/dub-con. Yes, really![2]


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