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Name: Telanu
Alias(es): somniesperus, raison-d-etat
Type: fanwriter, fandom starter
Fandoms: The Devil Wears Prada, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Pet Shop of Horrors, Shakespeare and other more fandoms
Other: The Rag and Bone Shop
URL: Telanu at AO3[1] (some fanfics)
Telanu at FFN[2][3] (fics removed)
raison-d-etat at FFN (PSoH fic)
at LiveJournal[4] (deleted entries)
telanu at Tumblr (main blog)
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Telanu is a popular, prolific, and influential slash and femslash writer.

I started writing fanfic in 1999, shortly after Star Wars: The Phantom Menace came out. My first pairing was Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan, and I wrote terrible fic for a terrible movie. Since then, I’ve blundered my way through dozens of characters and hundreds of thousands of words. I’ve also made a lot of wonderful friends along the way. I’ve taken some of my fanfic offline, but you can find what I’ve left here ([AO3 Link]).

– in Interview for Femslash Revolution[5]

With their first Snarry story, A Most Disquieting Tea, they practically created the now very large Harry/Snape pairing in Harry Potter fandom. (There were Harry/Snape stories before their Tea Series started, but many fans of the pairing credit the Tea series with their recruitment.)

Their writing was important in Pet Shop of Horrors fandom, and between her prolific writing in the fandom, and their advocacy, she's pretty much the BNF in the small-but-growing Devil Wears Prada femslash fandom.

Their Lord of the Rings darkfic 'No Windows', in which Gandalf takes the Ring and becomes a new Dark Lord, was the inspiration for The One Ring Challenge.[6]

They archived most of their stories on their own site and had a strong presence on Some of their work is now offline; a smaller subsection can be found on AO3.

In 2017: Telanu commented on some of their The Devil Wears Prada fics:

She Likes a Prizefight,” my first story in the fandom, wrote itself over just a couple of days. The story was post-canon, about how Miranda and Andy started their relationship after Andy left Runway. Then the stories just kept showing up in my head. Here’s the best example I can think of that shows what femslash fandom is about. In 2007, I wrote a DWP fic titled Truth and Measure, which weighs in at over 250K words and to date stands as the longest single work I’ve ever written. By far. Nearly 9 years later, I still get comments and feedback on it, both from first time readers and readers who have read it multiple times. Femslash fandoms might not be big compared to some, but they’re dedicated, passionate, and close-knit.

– in Interview for Femslash Revolution[7]


James Bond (Craigverse) || Grace and Frankie || Charlie and the Chocolate Factory || Hannibal (Hopkinsverse) || Stargate Atlantis || Hamlet and Twelfth Night by Shakespeare ||| The Closer || Major Crimes || Deadwood || Borgias || Boston Legal || Doubt (2008) || The Good Place || Battlestar Galactica || Star Wars Prequel Trilogy || The Manchurian Candidate

Some Works


Fan Comments

A Wizard Song (and the rest of the Tea series) is one of those pairing-defining fics. I don’t think it could be anything other than what it is, so any measure of relative ‘quality’ is pretty meaningless. It occupies a special place. And for the record, I squeed when you contacted me and asked if I’d beta it, but, much as I loved it, getting to read it (before anyone else!) wasn’t the best thing that resulted from that initial contact. I’m so glad it gave me the opportunity to know you. :-)


Oh god, The End of All Things is so good. This prompted me to reread it and it’s just so so good.

When I first read it, I remember being super excited, not only because of the superb world building, but because it seemed like a fascinating exploration of genre and the way genre could be translated across other genres. I don’t want to assume authorial intention, but allow me a moment of nerdiness. There’s the dystopian genre which, according to the author’s notes was inspired by Atwood’s Handmaiden’s Tale, laid alongside the comedic “hyper-realism” (put in quotes because Anna Wintour’s not that sexy) of The Devil Wears Prada. Thus, in paying tribute to both original sources, the resulting genre is kind of a mutation of the two. Dystopian, yet informed by the expansions and limitations of the world of Miranda Priestly, which as we see in the story, push the more dystopian aspects to the side, yet never completely out of the picture. I think it’s more than just crossover fiction, because it’s not Handmaiden’s Tale with Miranda Priestly, it’s a combination of two text to create what seems like a new one.

I don’t know if any of that makes sense, but it’s a thing that exists in my head and I’m excited about it.

Also it’s one of my favorite pairings ever.

– inanimate-adventures [9]


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