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You may be looking for the fan the Black Rose aka black_rose. For pages with similar titles, see The Black Rose.
Name: Black Rose
Alias(es): BlackRose, Darthneko, Darthrose
Type: fan artist, fan writer
Fandoms: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Final Fantasy, Transformers
Other: Digital Midnight website
BlackRose's Alternate HP Lair (website)
URL: Tell Your Story (homepage - fanfic)
Digital Midnight (homepage - fanart)
Darthneko on AO3
Blackrose on
Darthneko on Devart
Darthneko on LiveJournal
Darthneko on Dreamwidth
Darthneko on InsaneJournal
Darthrose on Tumblr
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Black Rose is a fan artist who illustrated mainly Star Wars: The Phantom Menace fanzines in the early 2000s. She also wrote slash fan fiction in the same fandom. She was one of the winners of the 2000 STIFfie Award for 'Best Artist' for her artwork in L'Histoire d'Obi. She went on to be active in the Final Fantasy VIII fandom from 2000-2010, as both a fanartist and slash writer. As of 2011 she is currently writing and producing art in the Transformers fandom.

Some of Black Rose's fic and art can be found on the SWA-L Fic Archive [1] and also on her website Digital Midnight.


Controversy Regarding Publishing, and Agent With Style

[comment by cara chapel]: Speaking as an author who's been fucked up the ass without lube by Mysti Frank, I tell everyone I know who's even faintly ready to lend an ear precisely what she did to me (and is still doing, for as far as I know, she still refuses to stop selling the single zine BlackRose and I were so unfortunate as to agent with her back in our own days of innocent fannish youth).

I would not do business with this woman again if I could never read another word of fan fiction as a result. It was one of the most pleasant moments of my congoing experience when I cornered her and told her off to her face-- I suppose I was fortunate that there were no equally aggressive minions handy at that moment.

If, as the gloomsayers continuously predict, copyright law ever comes down on fanzines with a sledgehammer, I hope it makes its first savage impact right on top of her lying, cheating head.[1]

[reply by Mysti Frank]: cara_chapel said: she still refuses to stop selling the single zine BlackRose and I were so unfortunate as to agent with her back in our own days of innocent fannish youth

My response: On May 21, 2000, just 4 days before MediaWest, BlackRose overnighted a CD to me that contained the master of L'HISTORIE D'OBI, a Star Wars: TPM zine. There was no paper master sent, and thus none to return later. The zine-on-CD was saved in Quark Xpress for Mac. I had a PC and no hopes of opening this CD. So I took it to Kinko's, the only place in town that could open the file. They opened it and charged me $1.20 PER PAGE WITH COLOR on it (which was almost EVERY page) to print it out. The master cost me $130.00 to produce. From the paper master, I had 20 copies printed up for MediaWest. The zines came out beautifully, much better, I can only assume, than the last time BlackRose herself printed out the zine, as her description of her own zine in her e-mail says, "They looked scrubby, like they had sandpaper rubbed over them." The zines we produced were crisp and clear and in COLOR. The zine was sold for $20.00 per our agreement with BlackRose. At some point, she decided she didn't want to have us agent the zine and asked for the master back. The CD was mailed back to her the following week. We continued to sell the remaining copies of the zine, as I told her in an e-mail, because we had paid to have them printed up and deserved to get back even a PORTION of the staggering cost we had already outlaid. Once the last zine was sold, in September, 2001, we sent the last accounting statement to the address we had on record for you, a P.O. box. The statement was returned, marked that you had closed down the box. If you still want the accounting statement and check for the last zine, we will be happy to mail it to whatever new address you supply. We also pulled the listing from the webpage when the last zine sold. The listing has been down for over two years, we have no copies of this zine left, and no one has bought this zine from us since that time. Without even checking our webpage , you say that we're STILL selling your zine. Well, I can prove that we're not (and snapshots of our webpage from the WayBack Machine will corroborate me). At each con we go to, we do up a price list for that specific con. It lists EVERY zine we brought to that con to sell. I have price lists going back for more than three years and can SHOW you that we haven't been selling your zine. If you can produce ONE person who says they bought a copy from us in the last two years, please produce them. And their proof. Until then, I would ask that you STOP repeating this foundless rumor, especially since we never dealt with you, only BlackRose.[2]